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  1. Can anyone tell me what these areas are like? I’m looking at a house up here just down from the shops on Birley Moor Road. I’m also looking at others in and around S12 S13 area. I’m from S5 so don’t know this neck of the woods. We’re a couple in our 30s just looking for somewhere quiet
  2. I’m looking at a house on Wheatley Grove, Handsworth just of Richmond Road near Athelstan Primary School. I’m not familiar with this area at all. We are a couple in our mid 30’s just looking for somewhere quiet, nice... You know the things everyone wants. Does anyone live there or know the area well that can offer an opinion.
  3. I suffer with septal deviation quite badly, the right hand nostril is completely blocked. The doctor agreed with me that I need surgery for it but told me they won’t even entertain me unless I’m a maximum of 35 BMI, ideally 30. I’m currently at 40 or 42 I believe and I’m trying to loose weight to be able to have the surgery but I cannot see anything online that suggests that I need to be a certain weight to have it done. Any GP’s on here who could offer an opinion or maybe someone who’s had it done who was over 35 BMI?
  4. Hi, I'm looking for someone who could take a look at my parents android box for them and in particular the iStream add on, they weren't able to watch live channels on it so I tried fixing it and now I've broke it to the point that the app won't even open! I'm more than willing to bring the box to you as I'm assuming this is a 5 minute job to fix it I just have no idea what to do and last time I tried following a YouTube tutorial it made it worse than what it already was. Anyone mind giving me the help I need?
  5. Hahahahaha sad and cheap comment? You having a laugh? If that offends you then you really are the sad one indeed! The crash was at 2:30am so by that time the deceased would have been taken away surely the gripe here is the highways agencies decision to close the entire motorway for the rest of the day to replace the central reservation when they could have closed one lane and done it over night.
  6. Or call them and ask them if they will sort you out a discount to cover it?? I Don't get it why you'd instantly wanna change? Especially when every other provider is having an increase between now and virgins price increase!
  7. Get in there!!! Success!! That's all you needs to do folks follows this fella's lead ---------- Post added 03-01-2014 at 22:06 ---------- I did post earlier in this thread it's cheaper with the phone than without too didn't i so glad you found I'm right and you got a good deal
  8. It does look abit grim down there that's what's put me off abit, the house had almost everything I'm looking for I'm really happy with the house it's just where it is that's bothering me, I have seen another house though on beacons which is further up the hill so may go view that as an alternative but now I understand why it's £25k more up there.
  9. Hey folks, I've seen a property I quite like in wincobank on elmview road which is just off the bottom of fife street where the premier is along with the Blackburn club. I don't know anything about the area at all and although I like the house I'd really like some people who live near there to be as honest as they can about what's it's like to live there. Thanks
  10. I've got a work video which is currently in parts and i want it joining together, its in 5 parts all from different days so its the editing part i need help with and then getting it on to youtube. I have an iMac with iMovie but not sure how it works can i use that to do it?
  11. you are wrong you defiantly don't need a landline, however I will say this it is often cheaper with a phone line than without it, so although you don't need it 9.9 times out of 10 its cheaper to keep it ---------- Post added 06-12-2013 at 21:06 ---------- they being Virgin Media as if every other provider is any different?? you'll be hard pushed to find a provider thats different to this, its the same story with everyone else too, however if your on talk unlimited you also get 0870 numbers free and Virgin Mobiles free too. ---------- Post added 06-12-2013 at 21:15 ---------- apart from the TV service of course, TiVo is by far the best, most advanced box on the UK market!! Any other box record 3 channels while you watch a 4th? Any other box allow you to use Netflix instead of buying on demand movies? Any other box have its own built in modem with its own 10mb internet connection on catch up tv and on demand services are instant? Any other box offer Multiroom Streaming? Wishlists? Recommendations? Apps like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, BBC Iplayer + loads more built in? Hmmm nope, nope, nope, nope,nope and nope I think you'll find!! Offers a huge selection of channels too and the on demand with TV Choice for the box sets, Virgin Movies for the latest fils same day as DVD, Netflix for cheaper movie options, free music on demand. I think theres a pretty good offering there for the money compared to what you get on top of the offerings of other providers that the TiVo Box also matches. ---------- Post added 06-12-2013 at 21:32 ---------- [/color] 25% off the TV service is all fine and dandy but when your paying £11.50 for HD that Virgin gives you for free and £15 for BT Sports that Virgin gives you free and £11.25 for Multiroom when Virgin only charges £6.50 at most and in some cases free for that too, you need that 25% discount just to break even!! ---------- Post added 06-12-2013 at 21:36 ---------- if your getting 24mbs in the holiday house of yours its certainly not ADSL coming from a phone line! this is due to the fact the possible fastest speed you can get via a ADSL connection is 16mbs so to get 24mbs it has to fibre!!
  12. is there anyone out there who can edit some camcorder footage and how to upload to youtube??
  13. I think you have defiantly jumped the gun, since BT, Talk Talk, Sky and all other major providers have all had or are also increasing there prices between Sept - Feb. Your also losing out by going to freeview when virgin themselves offer a free view service but with no signal issues due to bad weather and also still gives you catch up TV & On Demand for free. As for finding a new broadband provider, well you'll have to take a telephone line with any other UK provider which all of which are having an increase on line rental so you will pay the same if not more as VM's LR for this, and of course your broadband will be at least 6x slower than it was before due to it being an ADSL line that would be providing it compared the full fibre line VM use. Ooo and don't forget you don't even need a telephone line for Virgin Media's Broadband! I'd suggest getting back on the phone to VM and cancelling your disconnection. Where else gives you the super fast broadband and instant TV that Virgin Media does? Answer? Nowhere. Call 150 from your landline and then option 5 option 3 for Customer Relations they will help you cancel your disconnection. ---------- Post added 27-11-2013 at 16:16 ---------- Did you also see the part in your "changes" letter about your broadband speeds being increased again for free? Did you notice they give you BT Sport & ESPN in HD for FREE compared to the £15 of Sky TV? Did you notice they have integrated Netflix into TiVo boxes so you don't have to pay lots of money watching On Demand Movies (Which may I addd start instantly not 45 mins later once the Sky+ box has downloaded it), although the one demand feature is still there and has movies released on there same day as DVD release? Did you notice the Free App's Smart Call and Virgin TV Anywhere that they have developed for you? The FREE HD content? Time for a phone call I think now my friend.....
  14. i guess your a virgin media customer then go4it?
  15. Opinion has never changed I always knew this league would be tough and that we'd be lucky to stay up, said from the day we got promotion that 4th bottom would do me fine although I was hoping for mid table security. It's not too late reading were in bottom 3 the season they went up, not saying we'll go on to get promotion from here but there's still plenty of time to turn it around. Just wondering if we can at the moment however...
  16. If we win the games against teams in and around us which is pretty much our next few games and what we've already been doing exempt Bristol although that was a joke then we should just stay up, plus it'll be interesting to see what happens in January because MM is in it to make a profit and if I was him going down again simply isn't an option
  17. Prior to him joining us it excited me the prospect of him joining us and I thought with him and a barca striker up front we'd get a bag full, now I know he hasn't really been playing up front but he's lazy and don't think he'd do us any good up there either. Real shame it hasn't worked out for him here as he was prolific at Cardiff to the point he got a game for England. Is he a bad player or does he just not suit us?
  18. I think we should stick with him, he's no worse than any other available manager is he? Who do we get if we sack him? Only person with a good track record in the championship is megson! Lol
  19. Just hope he doesn't sign sidibe or bothroyd.... Give Madine a run in side and maybe another striker to come in send rodri back to barca b
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