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  1. Last year when on holiday i phoned home and my son told me our cat had been killed, her guts had been ripped out ,anyway he buried her but whatever did it came back the next night and had another go at her , when i got home i buried her deep . I'm sure it was a Fox .
  2. I drank there many times and never saw any trouble -honest ! Once went in the Springwood with my bro/in/law and everybody stopped talking and stared at us - its was like something outta a wild west film , anyway i said we have one pint and we go right ,and we did-quickly .
  3. I've heard they might play some music sometime in the future.
  4. If the council was as efficient at filling potholes as they are of building road humps i wouldn't mind .
  5. I was in Barcelona last week ,very much like Sheffield .lol I suppose its like comparing a rose to a turd .
  6. I've never lost my ring down the bog !
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