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  1. Brother in law has a Tesla P90D....I teased him about it to be honest...he could have had an S class from his company, but its convinced me. Quoted range is 300, but it does 200 easily, and he almost never visits a charge point...twice a year on holidays, just charges it every night. In many ways its more practical than a petrol or diesel. Oh yes....0-60 in 2.8, but that's not why he bought it....
  2. Pete Cowan golf academy. Number of coaches there, and they teach every standard. My 8 year old goes there in the kids group lessons, and so do a number of tour players.... some of the best coaching available anywhere.
  3. both are nice to be honest. Dore is more expensive, but Totley primary is a better school at the moment. Both are good though.
  4. Please tell me thats a joke.....from your other responses, its hard to tell.
  5. Clearly a teacher wrote the question and provided the answer.
  6. I was actually joking....the joke of this thread is that he IS a teacher. I did a maths degree...seems I'll need to teach my own kids maths.
  7. It doesn't matter if he's wrong....its not like he's teaching our kids maths is it?
  8. This thread is funny...so many people are mathematically illiterate. I'm going to a session tonight at my son's school about how maths is taught. He's 5, and started school in September 2011 Shall I ask when BODMAS is introduced ?
  9. I was on a train from Glasgow and Edinburgh, and me and a mate were talking about playing golf at Muirfield . A very serious local blurted out....." you'll no get on ta Muirfield ." I asked why and he said....."they don't let Tomataheeeds on" As you can imagine......it sort of stuck.
  10. Strong words against Iran plays well during elections. Doesn't mean the US will bomb Iran.
  11. This is what I mean about playing to a domestic audience. Iranian leaders have to say this sort of thing otherwise they are considered weak. It doesn't mean they will actually do it.
  12. No is the obvious answer....but....its a bit rich other nuclear nations complaining isn't it? All the posturing from UK, US, Israel and Iran is all aimed at a domestic audience. I take it all with a large pinch of salt. The US has been saying for 20 years that Iran is 6-12 months from getting a nuclear weapon. 20 years later, they are still 6-12 months away. I don't imagine China or Russia wants Iran to have a nuclear weapon either, and they'll have more success persuading Iran than the west will.
  13. yikes....that's expensive. I was thinking about getting a taxi, but cheapest parking at the airport was £21 when I looked last week....and "valet" parking was £50. Plus my fuel there and back to make the comparison fairer...
  14. Cost of electricity is now a much higher consieration for instance in IT than it used to be. Danny actually contradicts himself. I thought earlier in the discussion he was arging for this very same calculation, but at a personal level of spend, rather than for a business.
  15. More to the point...if one shot nearly hit you and the next one was 20 metres away, may I suggest you point him in the direction of a PGA qualified pro. He needs some help with his swing.
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