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  1. It really depends which bit of Halfway you are looking at. I lived at the top end for 25 yrs (near windmill greenway and Morrisons) without any issues whatsoever. My parents still live in the same area. I have heard the estate near the Double Top pub has a reputation
  2. Thanks everyone for all the info. We have seen houses on Coalbrook Road and Orgreave Rise, hopefully they are still on the market in a months time. Thanks again
  3. I'll avoid the badger estate and surrounding area !
  4. Thanks, we've been looking at that area as it happens. Thanks for the info
  5. Hi, Me and the wife are looking at moving house in the next 3 months or so. We have seen quite a few houses for sale in the Woodhouse Mill area and just wondered if anyone could offer any advice on the area in general? Are there any parts of Woodhouse we should avoid? Thanks
  6. Hi Dan I currently train at AFK Kickboxing which is on Sidney Street in the town centre, next to old Niche nightclub and just behind Decathlon. I also work shifts which means I cant go to the same class every week. The beginners classes are Monday 8:30 - 9:30, Tuesday 7-8 and Thursday 8:30 - 9:30. Theres also a mixed ability class on Sunday which I believe is 3 - 4. If you search for 'chefkicker' on the Forum you should be able to find loads of information relating to the club, or just put AFK Kickboxing into Google. All the instructors and other pupils are really friendly and the club has a great atmosphere which regularly produces high level fighters. I cant recommend it enough ! Hope this helps
  7. AFK Kickboxing, Sidney Street, Sheffield is where I train. Really friendly club with great instructors.
  8. Thanks again mate I'll ask someone to show me at training tomorrow
  9. Thanks for the advice mate, I've just ordered some of the Adidas ones. Thanks again
  10. Having recently started training I wanted some advice regarding handwraps and which sort to purchase...... The ones in the link below seem easier to use due to not having to wrap them around the hand unlike conventional hand wraps. Are the ones in the link designed to be worn under the bag/boxing glove??? Confused ! http://www.sportsdirect.com/lonsdale-gel-handwraps-761054 Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks
  11. Hi Farhad, I just wondered if the gym was open as usual next Monday with it being a Bank Holiday ? Thanks Chris
  12. In the words of the late great Roy 'Record Breakers' Castle......"Dedication is what you need" :-)
  13. Ill see you tonight, I'm taking time off work especially for the class !
  14. I just wanted to express my appreciation to all the friendly and welcoming people at AFK Kickboxing, Sydney Street. I attended my first beginners class on Monday, absolutely terrified, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all the staff and other students for making me feel welcome and putting me at ease. I cant recommend AFK Kickboxing enough......
  15. I cant recommend The Forge enough, excellent facilities and an even better instructor.
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