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  1. Butcher Bentall - yes I think a few of us have posted on here before about him. He was a right sadist and he used to smoke while he was filling your (probably healthy teeth). He did use injections to numb your mouth though- he used to put his foot on the chair to get extra leverage when he was ramming the needle in as far as he could. Like you said some of us are scarred for life!
  2. Hi John, There is an old thread on here which mentions your friend and all the band.
  3. I remember that sewing teacher. Same problem took me a year to sew a bit of gingham on an apron because I had to spend the whole lesson unpicking stitches. Didn't get as far as being allowed to actually use the sewing machine.
  4. Yes it was built sometime around 1967 and was a single carriage way from Handsworth to town (I think) To build it they cut down loads of trees called the nursery slopes - they were where the Handsworth roundabout is now.
  5. Hi yes I remember when plaza was a cinema and when we were kids me and my brother used to go to Saturday matinee. Think it cost a tanner
  6. Yes - where I am 3 have shut down in last 2 years
  7. Heard turf is shut down for good and going to be an Indian or pizza place. Anyone know if that's true? There ll be no pubs left soon
  8. Good thanks. Surprised you remember me -long time ago
  9. Hi Bladefellow. Did you have red hair and live on Bramley?
  10. Bonds bread shop is stiil there - Sturdys was a weird shop, everything was rammed in all over the place I don't know how they managed to find anything but they always did. Plaza was brilliant for kids on a Saturday morning.And Mr Parsley would carry your mums shopping home if she couldn't manage
  11. Yes I remember them all. Youth club opened in 1967 and me and my friends used to go then until top rank opened and we thought it was better. Handsworth infants knocked down now and some houses built.Rec and oak house chippy still there
  12. It doesn't have to cost much to make a costume. Old clothes , nets and bin bags as Isabelle said. Also it would benefit kids to spend time with their parents doing something together instead of going to the supermrket.
  13. If children want to dress up for Halloween why don't their parents make them a costume instead of buying these rubbish ones from Supermarkets .They all seem to be dangerous - made of plastic and set on fire.
  14. It was the junction with Oakley Rd. My mother sent me there when I was about 9 to learn to dance on a Saturday morning but I was only interested in learning to twist to Beatles records, so it didn't last long. I regret not learning to dance properly when I had the chance
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