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  1. if i still have it it will be at my mums house in southey....i went to bradfield school so we used to drive past every day on the way to school! they still had the padded cells in some of the rooms but some rooms you couldnt get into ...wish i had taken a camera!
  2. i once slept with friends in the bell tower after it was shut (90s) on haloween...was dead scary but we found a letter (guessing from a relative) it was very interesting...i might still have it!
  3. where would i find the records of in patients of the old fir vale infirmary/mental hospital?
  4. Hi i am looking for for as much info surrounding the family that set up and ran/run the inkerman silver factory...its my wifes mothers family (eales) but i am struggling a little to make connections...they have inkerman in the name as the founder was at the battle of inkerman in 1855. but would love some help looking into it further... e.g sam inkerman eales (1911-1982) whas in charge at one point (my wifes mothers uncle) he made trips to south africa would love to know if it was business or pleasure?
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