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  1. There's a picture of the cottages on www.picturesheffield.com when they were due for demolition. My family lived at the farm in 1891 but I don't have a photograph of that.
  2. I have sent you a message with the address from the electoral registers.
  3. Sheffield & District Family History Society recorded the Monumental Inscriptions in 1991 and are available here: https://www.genfair.co.uk/product_list.php?sid=106&page=24072
  4. The electoral registers on FMP list a Peter Norman with 5 others in the household on Fife Street.
  5. Sheffield Council minutes are deposited at the Sheffield Archives on Shoreham Street.
  6. The service might have been at Attercliffe Christ Church..but the burial at Tinsley Park Cemetery. One of my relatives shows in the Heeley burials register where the service was held, but he also appears in the City Road burial register, were he was buried.
  7. WW1 service records are not with the MOD, They only hold records after 1920 except for the Guards regiments and they have their own archives at Wellington Barracks. My father was a Coldstreamer in 1935-1939 and I obtained his records from Wellington Barracks. He transferred to the Royal Marines at the outbreak of war WW2 were he finished in 1945 as a colour sergeant and I applied for these from the MOD. There was a charge of £30 for these.
  8. I'm not sure if you are aware, but 60% of WW1 service records were destroyed by Luftwaffe bombing in WW2.
  9. Thanks Rivelin, my maiden name is LEE, family were from Eckington and Mosborough. The only connection I have to Ecclesfield is Esau LEE from Mosbro at one time was the parish clerk and ran the George and Dragon in Ecclesfield.
  10. http://www.sheffieldindexers.com have transcribed the burials for Shiregreen, from 1927-1991
  11. If it is in Sheffield, then contact Bereavement Services at City Road cemetery. Bereavement Services City Road Cemetery City Road Sheffield S2 1GD The offices and reception at City Road Cemetery are open during normal office hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).
  12. This would be the last church on my list on the Surrey Street circuit. The records are deposited with Sheffield archives.
  13. Hi The Methodists worked on a circuit so it could be that the Gleadless records are incorporated in the Brunswick registers. I have just transcribed Eckington Methodist registers and there are entries from Beighton and Handsworth . Do you have any names that you are looking for as S&DFHS have just finished transcribing all the Non-conformist records and I have a copy. The information I have on Gleadless non-conformist churches is as follows. Gleadless Road Primitive Methodist Church, Heeley, Sheffield 2 This opened in 1858 in Sheaf St, which later remained Gleadless Road. It closed in 1897 when the congregation moved to Anns Rd Chapel. See Anns Rd Chapel for further details. Gleadless Valley Methodist Church, Blackstock Rd, Sheffield 14. This chapel was erected in 1961. (Original records at Sheffield archives) Gleadless Wensleyan Chapel. This chapel was renovated and reopened in 1915. It was on the Surrey Street Circuit and subsequently the South Circuit. (Original records at Sheffield Archives)
  14. Records for Brunswick chapel are deposited with Sheffield archives. Brunswick Chapel, South Street, later the Moor (WM), and finally Brunswick Methodist Hall, Ellin Street Baptisms 1837-1943 Reference NR 2323/1-2 Marriages 1843-1895 Reference NR 135 Marriages 1871-1899 Reference NR 136 Marriages 1899-1943 Reference SY 139/N29/6-11 Burials 1833-1855 Reference Acc 2005/131 You can download the archives guides from their website.
  15. The Hounsfields are buried in Beighton churchyard right outside the entrance to the church. I have about 6 pages of history for the Hounsfields including a family tree if you are interested. Too much to post here. Angela
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