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  1. Has anyone experienced any paranormal activity on the moneney estate. Have family living there and having very strange experiences. I understand the estate was built on the old school there. Is anyone aware of any deaths in the old school or has anyone had these types of experiences?
  2. Family is living on monteney gardens and is experiencing strange paranormal activity. Has anyone else experienced this in the same area . I understand the estate was built over where the old school was, does anyone know if anyone died there? May sound silly but this is really happening
  3. Does anyone know were there is any firework displays in or near S5 please to take te kids? Thanks
  4. Hello im off on holiday in a couple of weeks and wanting to get some eyelash extensions. Just finding it difficult to get anywhere wit 2 kids so i'm wondering if anyone knows or can recomend someone that does this mobile please. I'm in S5 area if that helps. Thankyou
  5. i have a large bundle of old towels and blankets, free for collection. message me if you would like them
  6. Does anyone know if the carboot at the sheffield arena is still running on a sunday? Or if not when it starts back up again please. Thanks
  7. yes, i have tried next and can't find them. They must have stopped selling them. Ebay is the only place i can find anything gruffalo. But like a say £109 for a pair of childs curtains is a little out of my price range. x
  8. My daughter is wanting a gruffalo or gruffalo's child themed bedroom. I've found duvet sets at a reasonable price but can't seem to find curtains any where. cheapest i've found is around £100 which i think is a little too expensive. Just wondered if anyone knows of anywhere cheaper? thanks
  9. I'm in S6, so something local but I won't be drinking so don't mind if its alittle drive.
  10. Hi, does anyone know if there is anywhere for the kids to go on christmas eve? any disco's or party's that don't go on too late in sheffield?
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