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  1. Hi all. I am trying to arrange a christmas party for our office. It has to be a buffet at 2 o clock in the afternoon. Also it has to be in the centre of Sheffield. Any one got any ideas of some where suitable.
  2. Not sure whether you are aware, but to work for HSBC you need to have a good credit rating. How crazy is that!!!!!!
  3. Hi there. The series "The Last Train" has been shown twice in the last couple of months on the Sci-Fi channel on sky tv. It will probaby be repeated again shortly. I will keep my eye out for it and post you if it comes back on.
  4. no. Its any celebs addresses from here
  5. Any ideas about how I can find their addresses
  6. Any other suggestions would be welcome
  7. What a great idea. I will try that. Thanks
  8. It is for fundraising puposes for a charity
  9. Please can you help me. I am trying to find out as many local celebrities as possible from the South Yorkshire area and address for them too. Thank you
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