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  1. I joined the Body by Vi 90 day challenge I'm on day 36 and have lost 15lb. I have 2 meal replacement shakes a day which I have with fruit in so the are like smoothies, or you can even make pancakes with them or bake with it! you also have 2 low fat snacks and a healthy meal so you are never hungry. It's so simple and I now get it free! Look on youtube at all the visalus body transformations. if you would like some more information either check out my website http://www.myvit.net/kezzerb or ring me on 07450800908
  2. I have been on the Body by Vi diet for 29 days now and I am amazed by how it works I have lost 11lbs in weight 1” off bust, 5” off my waist and 2” from my hips. This is a diet new to the UK. I am so impressed I have decided to become a promoter. If you would like more information please private message me or click on the link below. This is the easiest diet I have done and because I introduced 3 friends I now get it free! http://www.myvi.net/kezzerb
  3. well done. I apologise if I upset you or caused offence I didn't mean any harm x
  4. Why don't you have an actiderm pamper party? As a host you will get to try and inch loss body wrap (guaranteed to lose 3-11 inch) and receive free gifts. All your guests will be able to have a mini facial using our amazing skin care which includes botox in a bottle. Inbox me for more info or a catalogue x
  5. Hi I am a consultant with Actiderm direct we specialist in inch loss body wraps, slimming aids and skin care. Would it be possible for us to have a stall at this event? Many thanks Kerry
  6. How about doing something like selling Avon while you are looking. It may not be what you are after on a permanent basis but it is something else you can add to your CV and give you some extra money. You can earn up to 25% in commission and work the hours you choose. You can contact me at kezzerb@gmail.com for more info
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