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  1. Hi This Mr L fox. Has anyone raised the question publicly when was its best man/friend, using the address card with houses of palilmianet logo on it and WAS Mr Fox aware of this, if not why not Thanks
  2. Hi no one said it is 2unexpected" but still worrying, nevertheless. terrorist have reformed, look at ireland, pakistan, mexico/etc/etc, but some will never change and the bullet is the only thing that will change their hatred of the other side. We suuport Israel but are aware that you do have nutters on both sides, fact!!!
  3. Hi Some simple, but seriously important facts re how to make a realitionship work: One needs to work at it. Compremise, ie both sides, try and keep it 50/50. share household tasks and change tasks. don't spend beyond your means. the grass will awlays appear greener on the other side of the mountain. give each other some space listen share interests. have a laugh don't disrect the others family TRSUT there is more but this is enough for now.
  4. Hi A tad OT but MOT's should be carried out on all vehicles that are two years old. The MOT ensures the safety of a vheicle to some degree. However, we have met men and women that think an mot once a year means their car is safe for the year
  5. Hi This is sick, very sick. looks as though this woman is a full time failure. These people always try to brainwash the young. hopefully those reasled and eager to engage inncoent people again, the IDF will sort it out.
  6. Hi Most people that are hard working, honest, sincere, and have the social skills to get their priorites right don't have to worry about fiddling the taxes in order to keep a "roof" over ones head and their fasmily - FACT
  7. Hi we read 8/9 posts and were getting very worried, fact!! Your post is spot on, FACT
  8. Hi there is no scheme, just a hypotetucal question, fact!!! as another member stated, many hard working people are atxed at source!! :|
  9. Hi Re the PAYE We strongly advocate the abolisshion of this tax and an increase of the vat rate 46%. We also advoacte that the new rate is announce one year before the even, thus givng people that have worked hard, saved, to spend their money at the 20% vat rate
  10. Hi Indeed, and hopefully the IDF have enough arms to do a good job of maintaing the peace. Re Mr Fox, the disgraced ex minsiter that was not fired but resigned, and his good, honest friend that was giving out busines cards with a porkie on it, no comment:hihi:
  11. Hi Seven weeks ago we sent a letter to 10 Downing Street, copied below Dear Mr Cameron We don't trust you, fact!! Love LD
  12. Hi we beat you to the answer, fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hihi:
  13. Hi the amount you paid via paypal, should get back 100%, fact!!! Thanks
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