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  1. Nice to see that one of the organisers has made an appearance
  2. Patty, plug some headphones into your laptop and go to this site -----> http://html5zombo.com/ Guaranteed to "Take you away" They took me away after 4 hours of watching it but I get free internet in Rampton and a quiet place to meditate... RESULT !
  3. That baldy bit ^. and don't we just know it :banana: After reading through this thread, it seem's that a contest has evolved with certain posters as to who can use the biggest words in their post's. Keep it real for us thicko's guy's. We dont all have a masters in linguini. Oh ! Chomsky is a pratt of the finest order. If ever there were an oxymoron (he he) it is he. Fin.
  4. Too true fruitisbad (love that name) If you take a walk on the Westfield estate near Mosborough every group of kids seems to be huddled around the one person 'knocking' a 'reefer' up or you can smell the skunk as you get close to them. I have seen police cars drive past kids as young as 13 that are smoking weed and make no attempt to hide the 'reefer' either.
  5. Mr Singh down at my local newsagents, he is very polite at all times and always saves my newspaper for me. He gets my vote
  6. Blue Dragon, have you tried contacting Ofcom or Icstis and voicing your concerns to them ? If it is an on-going problem of lack of signal then it could be that there is a fault on the transmitter mast element or the relay box. If so then O2 are obliged to send an engineer out to look into the matter. Good luck with getting other O2 users to join your cause
  7. Back off Closet Boy, can't you see that he only has eye's for me xxx
  8. Shoot me down because I cannot give figures but it seems that around where I live there has been a major increase in the youth 13 - 16 year olds that are smoking weed. This seemed to come about when the Government re-classified cannabis from class b to class c. (Smart move... not !) I do not mind adults smoking it, I hate the smell of it though ! but I do feel that a lot of kids educations are being squandered by smoking 'Bud'. It cannot be good for their ability to concentrate on what school is trying to teach them.
  9. Your post's are always factual and very informative Ms Macbeth, good on you. I think that a lot of people are now seeing these fanatics for what they are because of leaps forward in media storage on mobiles etc. They are no more than neanderthal knuckle draggers blessed with speech that twist and turn the words of their holy book to their own end's. Surely, that in itself is blasphemy against Allah and according to their beliefs, it is punishable by Death with stoning ?? The more of these atrocities that are seen by the rest of the world the stronger the stance against these animals will be.
  10. Everyone should ride bicycles like me, I have a really nice old bike with a basket on that I found abandoned on waste ground last year. How many road deaths are there in bejing due to kids in cars being un belted, I wonder ?
  11. Plastic take away containers are great for, kids sandwiches for school, for freezing left overs, as grated cheese containers for the fridge, keeping carved or sliced meats in the fridge, use as seed trays for germinating plants, for microwaving food in etc etc
  12. On the contrary Suffragette you are one hell of a woman
  13. Advanced alliterations always Bring boisterous banterings because Countless cunundrums cannot conceive of Dreams, dares, and Euphoric environments of endless Freedoms with fanciful frolickings. Granted, gigantic gregarious Houses hording huge Illustrious illustrations indicating Jokingly that just Knowledge and a kind kudos Lace life with a laughable lightness, but Mildly meanders to a meaningless mirage. Neglecting no nincompoops Or other outrageous, Pompous people, prostrate for plunder Quick to quell a quibble to quote a quota. Readily reason your radix, rhetoric, and rage, Silently sequester superfluous sayings and schemes by Threshing the thoughts, trying the times, and think about the Ulterior, underlying, and unexplained Vast vernacular vying and Wisely watch. Whet the wit with the Word and Xplore xplanations xegesically. Yearn to yield to Yahweh. Zeros zest to be zonked. obviously cut and paste but so right and so sweet
  14. TWITter ... says it all really. Just a reason for lonely people to make themselves look wanted. I got 10.000 twitter 'friends' me ... Friends ?? Jog on....
  15. Deep throat ??? The musical cough cough.... Shall I get my coat ?
  16. What a difference a few well placed punctuation mark's makes :hihi:
  17. How long does the Dolce Gusto coffee maker take to make one cup of coffee ? Pretty much instant yes ?
  18. Or mention Teh Daily Fail Ask away, we have all the answers to life and everything on here :hihi: :banana:
  19. There are some proper Coffee Snobs on here Its nice to have taste but there is a point when it becomes Snobbish and avant garde . Whats up with a nice cup of Nescafe ? or being on topic some of Job Lots finest Nicaraguan badger splitter ? 4 500g bags for a quid ? taste nice .. honest !
  20. He is Welsh .. Pretty damn good character reference there The Welsh rank among side The Leeds
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