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  1. Surely the road through Holmfirth past the transmitter is far higher than the Woodhead and more exposed to the elements ???
  2. Hmmm! Ì abstained from using the term 'forced' to keep the point factual as per the Ch.5 quote but! If a girl is taken against her free will under the age of 16 to be married in some backward country then Ì imagine that would be construed as 'forced' Pot, kettle, black ?
  3. RUBBER DINGHY RAPIDS Ì nearly wet myself... ;-)
  4. Only quoting what was said on Jeremy Vine old chap ! Who mentioned "forced?" The stats. pertained to countries where this abomination occurs, not the Uk. Why would anyone want to spend the rest of their day,s with someone not chosen by themselves or their own feelings ? Baffles me !
  5. They put islamification drugs in curry and kebabs you know ! meh blegh
  6. 100 million arranged marriage's in the next decade according to Vine on Ch.5 this morning. Some as young as 8 years old. No wonder girls are willing to commit suicide to get out of marrying someone they neither know or love. Barbaric to say the least.
  7. Apart from being different coloured hoses, the nozzle on a diesel pump is larger in diameter than that of unleaded petrol. Look's like it's your oopsy... put more diesel in and forget it.
  8. no such law as trespassing ... Ask the queen
  9. Anyone eating anything from the Rother will end up in hospital. Take a good look at the tributaries of the Rother and eat at your peril. have caught brown trout from the Rother at Eckington and wouldn't feed them to a scabby moggy.
  10. Who mentioned driving ? more like flying ;-)
  11. Didn't think you were allowed into Harrogate unless you could show your Gold card to the riff-raff police.
  12. Do you want a free orange dongle mate ? pm me for details
  13. Has any of you tried remembering to take your litter home when you are off your nut ?
  14. It says "There is no application associated with "you tube vid" run the application first then open this file within the application ???
  15. Yes it's dated but keeps me online when i'm out and about ! Trouble is that it will not play you tube videos even though it has windows media player ? Any ideas anyone ?
  16. What about good old fashioned flypaper or a jamjar with some syrup in it to catch the devils ?
  17. Could it be construed that he 'Shot his Bolt' too soon :-)
  18. It's great in S20. all the signal strength bars are lit up on my pda. Was on orange but 3 is far better
  19. It's great in S20. all the signal strength bars are lit up on my pda
  20. Shaws should be able to help you as previously posted
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