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  1. I do believe that you can buy a stun gun on Amazon..
  2. I have had a look at a few dating agencies and my general opinion is steer well clear. Why pay for something that you eventually get for free ?
  3. Put your handbag down Forumasaurus :hihi: My user name ?? Oim Oirish. Family name from Clogher Northern Oirland.. I made this mashup as a critique to satire the relationship between a song based on a decadent rapper with no nods to hardship and one who practices decadence after reference to impoverishment. :hihi:
  4. I wonder how long ???? http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=27525&page=37
  5. How things have gone downhill Basil.... Just looking to book a winnebago for 2 weeks to explore Yosemite valley ..
  6. :hihi: Once put an extra strong mint (broken in two) into a full bottle of coke and screwed the lid on Really Quick !! then left it in the fridge in a shared house.. The coke thief was soon brought to task :hihi:
  7. Equality Act Marriage between people of the same gender is not legal in the UK but civil partnerships were introduced in 2005 to give couples the same legal protection as if they were wed. The trimmings are pure vanity for a very small section of the gay community. 'By and large' the gay community accept the civil partnerships as a 'wedding' and have no desire to get married in a church. Those that have faith will recognise that they are being made a civil partnership under the eyes of God, Allah, Jeehoovers, flying spaghetti monster etc etc. Its a no brainer situation where gay marriages are concerned. It is merely the few making some noise in the vain hope that everyone will accept and be like one another, just people in love... no t gay or lesbian or heterosexual or bisexual, just people.. It aint gonna happen There will always be someone that cannot live and let live... Its funny how most people will embrace new technology but will not embrace their fellow human being... Fin.
  8. When it is running, can you use your phone as a wifi hotspot as part of the free internet ?
  9. When I was a kid I used to be a real "bad un". I would let fireworks off in the local flats stairwell and found out how to rob the ciggy machine outside the newsagents with an ice lolly stick Did anyone else used to pour water down the local back path to make a slide in the winter ? I used to get an empty dustbin on my skateboard and fill it with a length of pipe from the council garages tap then pour it down the path when it was really cold. 15 minutes later you had a sheet of ice that every kid in the neighbourhood was sliding on. Halcyon days indeed...
  10. Two timing slapper !!! your last PM to me said that you would make me Rich beyond all belief.... I smell a rat :hihi:
  11. I don't find this thread the slightest bit amusing at all....... pffft... Only jokin !! :banana::banana:
  12. Who he ? Happy Birthday any road up :banana::banana:
  13. What about all the people that do though ? like the Guardian dating site for clever folk etc. or online ones where you can choose your partner ?
  14. Have you any experiences with dating agencies and did they find you the right partner ?
  15. Carling Black Label ?? Sorry ! should that read Carling multi coloured Label ? Should I get my cloak now ?
  16. I had to drag myself away from Torrent ************ blah blah... whilst downloading the last ephisode of Gotcha for this ??? Damn those free porno links.....
  17. The old scene with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker and Corbett spring to mind on here sometimes... http://www.uknowotimean.com/funny-stuff/top-25-sketches/cleese-barker-corbett/
  18. Obviously not rubydazzler .. you question my time online ? why ?
  19. Perhaps you should look into the good that it has done for sufferers of ailments that have been cured or at least made bearable by drugs testing on animals before jumping in at the deep end Rich ? Meh ! You dont see do you ?
  20. Why do you call everyone on your replies IMO ? am I missing something here ? IMO
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