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  1. does anyone remember the languages teacher, paul lester, in the late 80s. he went on to be a very succesful writer for music mags/guardian etc. still see him occasionally on those talking head shows. here is a link to the man himself. http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/arts/author/paul_lester/profile.html i remember he had a citroen 2cv.
  2. i last went there in 1983 I reckon. My grandparents lived on Hyde Park and would take me as a little kid. A real Sheffield landmark still going strong
  3. the sad thing is that someone people fall for this kind of ****. if you aint working how do you intend to find the money to fill it with fuel? you will need a bank loan for that as well these days.
  4. a good shopping site... http://www.offeroftheday.co.uk i got a 32" LG LCD TV for less than £370 this week
  5. the original skinhead movement was far from racist. the racists adopted the look many years later. original skins were into black music and it was probably the first youth culture scene which brought black and white people together. i advise you to do your homework before spouting your opinions. this will help you stop looking silly.
  6. i remember an event at the nelson mandela building about '84. i represented our youth-club (miners welfare, high green). i was about 10 years old and must have been one of the youngest. i also remember the lads that used to dance in jd sports about the same time - smack 19? good days indeed. loved the music/clothes/dancing.
  7. the place looks awful as well. it reminds me of those mock themes you would see in vegas/disney.
  8. Karaoke...tomorrow's stars at yesterday's prices - Today! Do they still have karaoke? I thought we had seen the back of it to be honest. Ah well.
  9. it is true. the vast majority of 'indian' restaurants are pakistani/bangladeshi owned. with regards to quality - i wont go anywhere else but the kashmir on spital hill. cant see the point of trying places when i am always more than pleased at the kashmir. love it!
  10. la terraza. half decent place in my opinion. nothing spectacular but never disappointed. as for the other - san lorenzo - forget it! had a terrible time there a while back. awful food terrible service. always busy tho which baffles me. these people must be happy with their birds eye microwave lasagnes.
  11. kashmir is really cool imo. however, please expect an indian transport cafe in appearance. the food is bang on and you can get the works for about 12 quid a head. take your own booze or cross the road with a pitcher from the real ale pub opposite. i went for the first time last friday and loved it. put my faith into eating out as i have had some very average experiences recently. will be going again this weekend for sure. make sure you have the poppobombs to begin with! kashmir is on spital hill just heading out of town via the wicker arches.
  12. am i wrong in thinking that all indian/chinese/thai/japanese restaurants in sheffield never use free range organic meat? some of these places are so called 'upmarket' (aroma/wasabi sabi for example) and i am sure they have never served free range organic chicken. i would put money on it that they use the same 80 pence baby chickens that are served up at some of those places on the wicker. i would like to eat in these places with the satisfaction that we are getting meat from a good reputable source. i just very much doubt it. do we deserve better? i think so. Maybe someone can prove me wrong? i hope so. i know the majority of so called english run restaurants serve poor meat as well but there is the exception (for example the cricket at totley) i would like to know if there are indian/chinese restaurants too cos i am considering what i eat more these days.
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