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  1. Hi Patrick The only buses I know of are the 52 and the 6 (Darnall), the 52 goes onto Staniforth rd, get off on the first stop and walk back round the corner and its just past La Chambre, or just tell the taxi its between La Chambre and the Dancing Dollar on Attercliffe rd If you put your requests in now, I'll check whether we've got it!
  2. Hi Maggi I've just checked and we have both of those songs and a few others by JC All the DJs at MJs use the same karaoke list and it's constantly being added to, hope to see you both there Splodge
  3. Muahahahaaaa! Oh yes! its kind of become your theme tune that, and you have to do Iron Maiden as well By the way, I'm not singing much you'll be glad to hear *hack* *cough*
  4. Ooh wear yer leathers, I'll tell everyone I raided La Chambre then Oh...and bring a friend!
  5. AJ...stop being modest! you were never out of your depth for a minute Great taste in songs too...ooh if I'd been 10 years younger I only have one complaint about the evening, Next time I sing 'The Ballad Of Barry And Freda' with GypsyTom....well....can I be Freda?
  6. I feel your pain my friend It's not that its stagnant, its just very difficult for deejays to get the right format of customers these days;) cant specialise anymore at weekends cos you just cant enough pure metalheads to fill the place up and you'd end up with the same ole problem, look at the dissension already on here *albeit goodnaturedly*.Trouble is we just cant stop the classic/punk/goth/new/alt/death rockers from drinking together Would be nice though to have a screaming up yer knickers rock night with no first year student asking for Bob Dylan or stairway just as you've got everyone pounding the dancefloor *If you turn the music up and mouth swear words while smiling they wander off happily thinking you're going to play their request, later you can swear you played it and they must have been in the bog or talking....see? so much nicer than knocking them unconscious......
  7. Wonder how many kids have tried stuffing them up their nose or putting them in their mouth? Imagine dragging your kid to the A & E with that one
  8. No its ickle me, I expect to see a beer crate behind the dj box tonight Not sure I've got any oxygen left after last night but I have to sing a duet with ya ps My feet are ok now....it didn't hurt a bit having the webs removed
  9. I've been picking my feet in the frozen tundra (northumberland)! Heading back to sunny Sheffield in an hour, see ya all Friday, I'll bring the adoption papers for Tom and Adam ps will trade 3 feather boas for the Winnie the Pooh mug!
  10. Seen a few already but nothing for a few minutes....freezing out there, might just abandon going up onto the moors
  11. We've had beautiful clear skies all afternoon and now its clouding over again (in Northumberland) Flask of coffee on the moors later if it stays clear
  12. If you sing La Bassey you have to wear the feather boa! Choice of pink, red or green....
  13. Yes...but I'm damned if I'm paying for SF badges thru my council tax too!
  14. Had a great time tonight, glad I don't drink anymore after seeing what that Devils Ice did to Grotbags....she says it was an ice cream headache but we know better Its a lovely bar with a great atmosphere and I'm adopting the barstaff!
  15. Happy Beerday Young un Party til you
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