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  1. Thank you Michael Mitchell for the no fuss, no mess decorating you did in my kitchen/dining room this week. With your reasonable prices, supply of paint and expertise, I'll not be waving a paintbrush around ever again. See you next May. Highly recommended.
  2. Thanks Michael Mitchell for the excellent decorating job on two of my bedrooms. I would recommend this tradesman to anyone seeking a thorough and efficent job, no mess, no hassle, competitive prices. I've ditched my paintbrushes. See you in September!
  3. Thank you Denlin and Rossyrooney. Right back at you with the good friend Denlin. Hope you're keeping ok Rossyrooney xx
  4. Thanks Denlin, had a lovely day. Happy Birthday, Joto. Hope your day is going with a bang lol xx
  5. Long Haired Lover From Liverpool - Jimmy Osmond. Cost 50p
  6. Try ''Single Social'' too, events organised by Cathy (Soulgirl75) for single people to meet, make friends and enjoy an evening out. Also on facebook.
  7. Hi ham, starting at nhyne till tree, then tree days orf.
  8. ( very good ) Aladdin, got a deal with a Christmas meal thrown in looking forward to it. Are you having a water bottle tonight?
  9. Nay, I dod nit know that. Thay do bit nut too tight. What thyme are yew shirking from two marrow?
  10. Not bad thanks, been working both days. Are you going to any pantomimes this year?
  11. Hyme back. My sun had the loptap four his frensh gnomewurk. Washing Billshigh now, ahh... brings back mem hoe rays:hihi:
  12. Cos it was looking at me. Would you like me to bring you one on the 29th?
  13. Did you know I am now laughing my head off:hihi:
  14. Yew are lary ghud at this, Denlin:hihi: it keeps the gray mat her on form, we shid knot get dee mention.
  15. Did you know I have just eaten a fresh cream eclair:love:
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