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  1. Hi Bedrock, If you could contact support with any issues you may have, If you are having a DNS issue have you tried forcing openDNS or alternatives in the WAN interface of the Zyxel? or even your computers adapter? Kind Regards, Oliver
  2. Hi Phoppy, Do you use Gmail i can see there is some issues with their services at the moment. http://www.google.com/appsstatus#hl=en&v=status&ts=1366239599000 Hope this helps, Origin
  3. Hi All, Just to clarify the position on Fttx migrations to Origin. We work to install our service the day after the cease, or as close as possible. How this works is we know the cease date and BT can see this on their system, this means that an order can be placed and a install date can be given. We have worked this process out over a number months when Infinity customers migrate to Origin and has been working fine for a while now. Hope this helps, Thanks Origin
  4. Hi Hahahaha, Could you please PM me your email and I'll take a look at this for you. Thanks, Origin
  5. BEDROCK, we see you up and running. I gather we've explained what the issue was and who was to blame, but you're now fixed. If you have any questions, drop us a call or an email as we might be late to responding to any forum posts.
  6. Your speed is mostly determined by the line length to be honest, have you checked if you can get our service? Pop your postcode in here: http://origin-broadband.co.uk/availability/ Neil
  7. Hi ibbibest2, We provide service on a completely different network to BT and Virgin and we cover 80% of South Yorkshire, so just PM me your details and I'll be able to check. Kind Regards, Origin
  8. You can use, inSSIDer. Its a good source or information on any wireless issues. http://www.metageek.net/products/inssider/ But as walkerx suggests as you begin to experience issues the first test you should complete is testing your connection wired directly into the router. If you still experience the same issues wired then you instantly rule out any wireless issues all together. Kind Regards, Origin
  9. Thanks for the kind words! Remember if you refer a friend to us, we'll give you a free months broadband.
  10. Hi Cynic, The Cheapest fibre product is from Origin at. £17.50 for the 24/10 package and £11.49 line rental. So £28.99 for everything, line rental and 24/10 fibre broadband. Kind Regards, Origin
  11. Hi Everyone, Just to clarify, any Digital Region broadband connection requires just 1 line rental. For example if you just want the line for broadband then you can pay your line rental and broadband to us and you wont pay anything else. Example Breakdown: Origin Line Rental : £11.49 Origin 24/10 Fibre Broadband : £17.50 Total : £28.99 (for everything no other bills to pay) Second example if you have a BT line and you want to keep that for calls then you can pay BT your line rental and Origin for your broadband Example Breakdown 2: BT Line Rental : £14.60 Origin 24/10 Fibre Broadband : £17.50 Total: £32.10 (for everything no other bills to pay) Hope this helps. Kind Regards, Origin
  12. Hi guys, Obviously we're not allowed to go into too much detail regards clarkey2r's account due to data protection, but here's what we can say. We'll always give an estimate of speeds, but sadly no company can be 100% accurate all the time. We're in the middle of trying to work on your speeds, clarkely2r, and a downgrade if we can't sort it sounds like a good idea. We're the only DRL ISP to offer a lower 24mb package for £17.50 as gribz points out so we'll do it if we can. Simply put, we're decent people trying to deliver a great service. We'll always work with customers to solve issues, but please be careful when bandying phrase like "miss-selling" about as it suggests that we deliberately mislead customers to get a sale which is something we would never do and is frankly unfair. Nevertheless, Clarky2r, we'll be in touch soon when we have some more info, but you can call us anytime for a quick chat.
  13. Hi Cumo, Hackenthorpe is live with Digital Region. http://www.origin-broadband.co.uk/availability Kind Regards, Origin
  14. Hi, Stannington is live with Digital Region and we have customers experiencing the super fast speeds. Drop us a call or an email and we can see if your connected and what speed your likely to get. Kind Regards, Origin
  15. We're doing a MAX product at the moment, and we're seeing speeds around 70 down and 15 up. That good enough for you? ;-)
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