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  1. WANdisco - based in Sheffield, have announced their new policy of unlimited paid vacation! . The idea of clocking in and out seems like an old fashioned one and results are surely more important than the hours you put in? Any thoughts?
  2. why don't you say 'pretty much everywhere in Sheffield'? *idea*
  3. @littlebigone do you have any staff in Sheffield?
  4. For me the Origin Broadband customer service was second to none!
  5. I think its untrue, there are a lot of photographers who think they can buy their way into being a good photographer. But no matter how expensive your lens was, you can't buy creativity.
  6. I can think of a lot more interesting things to shoot for free other than images for a Yoga practice. But thanks anyway, really selfless of you to offer the experience!
  7. I would have been interested if it weren't for all the desperate comments. I'm sure the models will LOVE having a day of old men drooling over them
  8. Hmm good idea Jason, I'll propose it to our CEO
  9. Yes, its part of the Digital Campus..... and the slide is amazing
  10. Hi, Just thought I'd share this link http://www.wandisco.com/news/press-releases/wandiscos-ubersvn-awarded-made-sheffield-mark The company I work for; WANdisco is based in Sheffield at the Electric Works. Its a global software company but our CEO - David is born and bred in Sheffield. David kept the office in Sheffield and its created so many new jobs here! He's very proud of his heritage so we were over the moon for our product 'uberSVN' to be given the 'Made in Sheffield' mark. Would love to know your thoughts, Katie
  11. I would recommend sending your CV to companies who you like the sound of - not just ones you see in Job Ads. A lot of companies are too busy to find employers and don't like using recruiters/job websites. A lot will probably be glad to hear from you
  12. I used to work in Fashion and I have no idea what a dress agency is :/
  13. Try websites like Etsy or Folksy. If your good at marketing yourself that will help. Get a good website and blog and update it regularly
  14. I'm on my third pint. More people should do it, if you can.
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