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  1. Does anybody know where I can get seating or made to measure covers for my static caravan or a upolsterer if you could email me that would be great
  2. Could you please re post in the relevant classified area, as ads are not allowed in the groups.
  3. Hi looking for caravan 14th April to 17th April skegness or mablethorpe got 2 well behaved shihtzus if anybody got one to rent
  4. Thank you for replies I'm sure now il get them sorted with the help you've given me
  5. Hi does anybody know where I can get foam for sofa seat cushions please
  6. I went to that school I remember a lot of those names I was called anne bertram then
  7. Yes I can see your point but we all get on with our lives and loose sight of our friends it would just be nice to get in contact with them see how life as treat them
  8. She lived on the corner house and across on the other corner were vans I don't know if it was a garage she lived with her dad and sister in the corner of her block was a hairdressers and across there was a grocery shop but anne will be now 64
  9. Hi iv just been thinking back on years and wondered where a few of my friends lives ended up haven't seen them for years so if anybody knows them .anne edwards lived at commonside when young sheffield 6 and Joyce wetherhead lived on tinker lane I would love to hear from them it's been a long time
  10. My first love was a Greek lad called Steve from Sutton Coldfield Birmingham we met in the buccaneer great memorries but broke my heart when we split up but Iv never forgot him after going on 50 years
  11. Hi can anybody tell me what binstead grove is like to live on and the area as my friend as been offered a property on there thank you
  12. Went to see micheal bolton at city hall last night was absolutely brilliant what a star
  13. Thank you Tony that will be great
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