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  1. It is really stressful. The trouble is that I was told at the time to do nothing and therefore the time given to lodge an appeal has most certainly passed us by. It seems as the the only option now would be to pay. It might be worth mentioning that this car park wasn't a pay&display so no ticket was needed. It was in a supermarket car park. The alleged contravention was that I was parked in a restricted area of the car park. I would argue that I wasn't in a restricted area but was parked alongside several other cars in the same area where no bays were marked but that there was nothing saying we couldn't park there - no lines on the ground saying "no parking" or anything. There was a yellow hatch-box which said deliveries only, but I was parked next to this. And it was a Sunday afternoon when most parking restrictions don't apply. Plus the car park was completely full.
  2. Hmm, that's worrying ? Especially as having received the Penalty Charge Notice last May/June (2016) I was advised by several people, including the parking officer giving me the PCN, to simply do nothing. Now it seems to have escalated to £160 with the threat of them seeking to go to the county court. Should I just pay it? The problem of course is that we can't easily get hold of £160 , though it may seem an insignificant amount to some.
  3. I haven't had a summons through as yet but the latest letter today says that if I don't pay £160 within 16 days then they will "seek their client's instructions to commence legal proceedings" against me "in the form of a County Court Claim Form in the County Court". It's getting me increasingly worried ---------- Post added 20-10-2017 at 15:11 ---------- It was in a supermarket car park and not in a pay-and-display.
  4. What is your view based on? I must've had had 5 or 6 letters in total, each getting more and more threatening. I'm currently in the process of buying a house and don't want the problems that CCJs can cause. I also don't want to be lumbered with court costs ☹️
  5. Hello. I'm looking for advice regarding a Parking Charge Notice I received back in May/June 2016. I'm still receiving letters trying to get payment from me and threatening county court action (two more letters arrived in the post today, though I'm dubious how credible these are as they've supposedly come from the parking company and the debt recovery, but in the same envelop and dated the same?). So far I have completely ignored all correspondence and haven't made any contact with them. But I am getting increasingly worried and stressed about all of this and so I'm appealing for your advice. Regards, Chris.
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