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  1. Hi guys looking for a decently priced photographer for 29/7/17 in sheffield city centre. Can not believe how much some people are asking. doesnt have to be super experienced or anything. TIA
  2. Hi guys anyone know a cheap place I can get a starlit backdrop, top table skirt and 70 chair covers and sashes? Thanks
  3. City. Never take more than a few minutes to get here and prices are consistant
  4. I have been on this site since the dawn of time and I am positive I was over 5000 at one point. Helium will work though ta.
  5. My posts have been going down for some reason.
  6. Would love to apply for bar work, best club ever. Have a job, so as and when would suit.
  7. I lost another stone this year, 48lb total now. Just about a size 10
  8. I wouldn't bother tbh. I have just lost 42lb, have about another 20lb to go. Its a slow process, in fact it has taken me a year, but all I do is, watch my calories, I have some crazy days though. And I work out 5 times a week.
  9. I go to the walk in centre in town, last time appointments were a month in advance Can't complain, because you can walk in anytime and it takes about an hour to be seen.
  10. Ahhhh I went to a party there also, was great, they made us dance all round the upper floor. Either meadowhall has gone down hill loads, or I am just getting old.
  11. I have accidently dyed mine very dark It wont come out and there is a mass of build up. I have used 4 strippers at 10 quid each, not really worked. Went to the hair dresser to get a strand test today and they even say they can't do anything. Anyone got any suggestions?
  12. I gained 1lb (TMI ALERT) It is time of the month though, so I am not stressing it. Puts me back at bang on three stone lost.
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