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  1. Thanks. That's really exciting more for my husband than me but I liked the band too. Great. Many thanks. Jan
  2. Hi Guys, I'm Jan also known as Praskipark. I'm an artist and writer and a Sheffield ex-pat who now lives in Warsaw. I left Sheffield a long time ago and moved to Portugal then lived in France and now living in Warsaw but still have strong feelings and memories regarding Sheffield. My son was born in Nether Edge hospital and lived in Sheffield until he was 6. He is still very much a Sheffielder and always proud of his city. I'm interested in looking up old musicians and bands of the 80s as my husband was involved with the music scene back then. Thanks for the welcome. Jan
  3. Not really sure where to post this question - - a rooky on this Forum. Does anyone know what happened to the Sheffield band, Disease. The lead singer was from Stocksbridge. I am a Sheffield ex-pat whose hubby was involved in the 80s music scene and interested to find out what happened to these guys. Point me in the right direction, pleas someone.
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