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  1. Hi Juilie, It pete berresford, your name is a blast from the past
  2. Hi I worked on the Centre lathe section up to about 73 my dad worked there he was a forman in the slitting saw section his name was Tom
  3. Hi Glenn Thans for the reply have sent you a private reply
  4. Hi Glen Thats right I remember now Yes I was working at Ranmoor Hall as my first wife also worked there, Tommy moved to Spain and died, Lynne still lives in Sheffield, and my oldest sister Ann now lives in Portsmouth, I now have 3 children my oldest lives in Rotherham (security door fitter) the next lives in Crosspool (accountant) and the youngest moved to Brixham. Was i right in thinking your mum was called Nellie and your dad Cyril ??
  5. Hi Did any one work at firth brown tools on Carlisle St 1968/72:loopy:
  6. Hi Glenn I am Pete Berresford we all knocked about together, as I remember you lived next door to a irish kid called Steven i think that was his name, as for the cherry B we where in your house one Easter and decided to drink it the next thing I remember was getting a good hiding from dad and chucking up in bed I think your mother gave you a good belting as well,just the smell of that drink even now makes me feel sick. How are you doing ?? are you still in Sheffield ?? I left Sheffield years back and after working in various places settled in Brixham (south Devon) ,I think the brothers lived in the yard on chippingham place,
  7. Hi Glenn, I lived at Number 14 , is your surname Carrington. if so you must remember the easter when we got drunk on cherry B ???
  8. I went to HBS my form teacher was Mr Brown the worst one was Mr Hyman the music teacher (he was always throwing the board rubber at us) Do you remember Mr Trevethicks wife who also was at the school I left in 68/69
  9. I was from the Cliff my local pub was The Dog & Partridge at the top of Oaks Green anybody know it ??
  10. Hi used to live on Shortridge street .Does anybody remember Banners
  11. Hi All I am Peter Berresford and went to HG, I lived in shortrdge st Next to banners and remember Raymond and Ian sutcliffe My mates were Nobby driver, stuart megson indian brown among others, after HG I went to hartley brook high school
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