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  1. Sale Amount Free to a good home Reason for Rehome / Sale I am moving to Manchester and my partner has a German Shephard which is not good with animals and would harm my cat. Time Scale – How Urgent? Have got 3 weeks before I move, so, pretty urgent. Has the Cat ever been in Rescue Nope Location Stannington Age & Sex 6 Years (roughly), Female Vaccinated & Wormed Wormed definately, vaccinated - not sure Neutered & Micro chipped Neutered - Yes, Micro Chipped - No Breed/ Mix Unknown Colour/markings Dark Chocolate Brown Long/Shorthaired Shorthaired Live in / Or in and out Lives in due to damaged eye, I believe she can see through the damaged eye but not sure. Is able to go out but preferably away from dangerous roads. Used to a cat flap Never tried her Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals Has shared a home with one other cat, but, she tolerates rather than gets on with other animals. Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues Has a damaged eye that doesn't cause her any discomfort, just needs the occasional wipe to keep it clean. Temperament Very, very affectionate and loving. OK with Dogs / Cats As stated above, tolerates other cats but doesn't really get on with them. Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching Yes, she is very laid back in that sense Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching She loves to be groomed and will lay there and purr like mad. Good or Bad with Children Brilliant with children. Dislike of Men or Women She likes all people Housetrained Yes, fully housetrained Any further General Information you can share. I was given this cat about 6 years ago and she has been well loved and cared for, unfortunately, due to moving and my partner having dogs, I am unable to take her with me, this cat is the easiest cat to look after and is no trouble at all, she will give loads of love to whoever decides to take her. She does drool and has a damaged eye and we believe this is from a possible accident she had as a kitten, but, we have no proof of this.
  2. Hi everyone. I have recently become extremely interested in cookery and have been seriously considering buying a good knife, one that will last me for a very long time. I have done a fair bit of research into which knives are the best to get, but, still unsure as to which is better, I know to get one with a full tang and rather than get a set, to get the individual knives as I have more choice. I am torn between Henckels and Wusthof as a brand, I am not keen on the global brand though as they feel too light when being handled. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on which to consider ? Thanks.
  3. Well, as you saw, Amy found the engagement ring, which seems to have started the ball rolling. Glad to see River Song is back and the cybermen too, heard mention of others as well but, we shall have to see what happens.
  4. Only two weeks until this event takes place.
  5. BUMP C'mon guys and gals, really want to see you there.
  6. So far, I am enjoying the new series, but, the big thing letting it down (and no one has mentioned this, yet) is the ANNOYINGLY loud music over the dialog. I keep missing out on important sections of good vocal sections due to the never ending loud music that they insist on playing, why can't they tone it down and let the actors get their voice to the masses. Matt Smith is shaping into a reasonable Doctor, not as good as Tennant, so far, but, we shall have to see.
  7. Your more than welcome to come along, just go to geocaching.com and register, then find the event and log a "will attend", this is so I can get an estimate of how many people to expect. The venue is booked and will be ready for the event.
  8. If your attending, please go to geocaching.com and log a "will attend", it is free to join the website and yes, anyone is welcome, even newbies to the hobby.
  9. A summer social event being held on Saturday, June the 19th, held at a central location, drinks are available at the venue. It starts at 1pm and ends at 5pm. This is the first event I have organised, so, please be gentle. The Old Queen's Head is a public house on Pond Hill in the City of Sheffield, England that occupies the oldest domestic building in the city. This timber framed building is thought to date from c.1475, although the earliest known written record of it is in an inventory compiled in 1582 of the estate of George Talbot, the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury that included the furnishings of this building, which was then called "The hawle at the Poandes". As a part of the Earl's estate, it may have been used as a banqueting hall for parties hunting wildfowl in the nearby ponds. These ponds, which formed in the area where the Porter Brook meets the River Sheaf, are now gone, but are commemorated in the local names Pond Street, Pond Hill (formerly Pond Well Hill) and Ponds Forge. By the beginning of the 19th century the building was being used as a residence. In 1840 a pub called the Old Queen's Head was opened in the neighbouring building, and sometime after 1862 the pub expanded into this building. The building was given Grade II* listed status in 1952. The pub was refurbished in 1993, as part of the Tom Cobleigh chain, but is now served by the Thwaites Brewery. The Queen in the pub's name is likely Mary, Queen of Scots, who was imprisoned in Sheffield from 1570 to 1584. (Taken from wikipedia (visit link) This event takes place on Saturday the 19th of June The event starts at 1pm and finishes at 5pm. Looking forward to meeting you there.
  10. There is c:geo for Android, dunno if it's any good, but, worth checking out. Happy Hunting.
  11. I will more than likely be hosting a geocaching event sometime within the next two months, keep an eye out for it on geocaching.com
  12. Well, all I am looking for is fellow geocachers who have the time free to go walking weekdays between 9am and 3pm, I don't have transport but have my own gps, if interested, give me a shout.
  13. Hi, I have recently started this hobby/obsession and am looking for other people with whom I can go out geocaching with in the Sheffield area, I am available from Tuesday to Thursday, 9am till 3pm. So, if you would like some company while out geocaching, let me know.
  14. Sorry for dragging this thread out of the depths of the archice, but, just recently got into this sport/hobby/interest (delete where appropriate) and am finding it enjoyable, it is amazing how many caches are dotted around without being aware of them.
  15. An ethernet switch would do the job, yes, because I have my xbox hooked up with a length of CAT5 cable as I am not prepared to fork out £50 for a wireless adapter. Both my PC and xbox 360 are running through the 10/100 Fast Ethernet Switch and I have no problems.
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