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  1. Hi anyone lost a cat in the Lowedges area. There is a tabby and white one in my mums garden. Looks a bit scraggy and was very hungry. I have picture is you thinks it's yours.
  2. Hi I don't think the little cat we found is neutered but I'm not 100% sure. He has four white feet and a white tip to his tail and a pink nose. Very friendly, hope that may help?
  3. Our neighbour took him to the vets this morning and he isn't chipped He is being well looked after now and they are going to put some posters up in the local area.
  4. We will, he seems like a lovely little cat, very friendly
  5. Our neighbours have taken him in for the night and are going to pop him to the vets tomorrow to see if he's chipped
  6. A lovely little ginger cat has been hanging round our gardens for a day, quite thin and hungry. Anyone in the Greenhill area lost a cat?
  7. The Chesterfield ones just ten minutes down the Bypass, go there instead. And it's open all week
  8. Tai chi on Wednesday,7:00 at the community centre on Greseley road Lowedges. Really nice friendly class, would suit all abilities.
  9. There are tai chi classes on Wednesday and thursday at Lowedges community centre and batemore community centre. Suit all abilities, nice friendly classes, pm me for more details.
  10. I go to tai chi on a Wednesday night at our local community centre, it's a small group but great, will pm you details if you would like.
  11. Spotted some last week just down the road from Hillsborough Leisure Centre on the main road into Sheffield. May still be there or some more may have been put out? You could also try tree surgeons or garden companies.
  12. Having tried all the supermarket stuff and a few local bakers, has anyone got any reccomendations where to get French bread locally? Been to France recently and missing yummy bread
  13. It just sells a load of over priced ill fitting rubbish. I've been in twice with my daughter and they charge over seventy quid for a hoodie. Luckily she saw sense and decided it was a rip off.
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