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  1. Why not just chuck it in the wheelie bin?
  2. Just come down Upper Hanover St. The traffic going up was solid and stationary all the way from the Ecclesall Rd roundabout all the way to Brook Hill. Avoid it if you can.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-34921252 On the news at 7pm. A man has been arrested. Tragic case.
  4. The traffic around the Childrens Hospital is horrendous. It took 20 minutes at around 3 pm to travel up the short road from the traffic lights below the Hallamshire to the Childrens Hospital.
  5. I agree completely. They do a no show without apology or explanation and still have the cheek to ask for money on their website. Why don't they fly over the centre of Sheffield? We've no airport for them to have to bother about. I'm certainly not going to Donny.
  6. Thanks very much. Shame we couldn't see it from Sheffield. It must have only been just out of sight.
  7. Where were you when you heard it and what time please?
  8. Just got back from the high ground at Apperknowle. Hundreds of people there waiting. Then a policeman came along and said he'd just been informed it had been diverted and is already back at Doncaster. Big disappointment. That was at 4pm.
  9. I always take mine to Broadfield Mowers if it needs anything doing at it. They're pretty good.
  10. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3256275/Are-Britain-s-best-high-streets-Bognor-Regis-Bradford-Rotherham-make-shortlist-face-public-vote.html Can you believe this? Rotherham is in the last 21 of a competition to find the best high street in England. On Toby Foster's show they said it was in the top three! But I suppose it's better than Sheffield.
  11. http://www.theguardian.com/money/2013/mar/30/inkjet-or-laser-printing-cost-effective If you're printing more than 2000 pages per year laser is cheaper, even at £60 per cartridge. Less than that ink jet is better. For home colour printing of photos ink jet is better quality.
  12. I just tried to pm you MEKSTA but your inbox is full. Make room and pm me again if you still want the paper. Dick
  13. http://thelawdictionary.org/article/who-can-witness-a-legal-document/ Usually any responsible person who knows the applicant can witness the document.
  14. If it's only last Saturday you should find some in blue bins. But I've got last Saturday's Times if you want it. PM me. I'm in Dore.
  15. Nice view now of one of them on the perch in the setting sunlight.
  16. Thought I just heard on Radio Sheffield that there's uxb near Nunnery square, but i've not heard any updates. Is the road open?
  17. Pretty sure it's one of the chicks. You can get a good screen grab picture right now with sun on it.
  18. Quote from Peregrine Falcons 2014 post 467 by VincentB 06/06/2014 From what I saw of the birds yesterday, what people told me and what the public talk contained, here's the full rundown: One chick had a bit of a fly yesterday but got grounded; it had been taken back up to the top of the tower, from which it was poking its head out through the crenellations and doing a bit more flapping A second chick must have also been flying, because it was sitting on the lintel of one of the louvre windows half way down the tower A third chick was out on the ledge around the tower, doing a fair bit of hopping around and practice flapping The fourth chick (the smallest) was sitting quietly on top of the nest box
  19. It won't last long on ground there. It should be taken up and put on the roof straightaway.
  20. One of the adult birds is back on it's perch at 10 pm. And looking under the nest box I can just make out what must be a chick on the ledge at the far side of the nest box. Not a very safe place if it can't fly yet.
  21. Hear Hear I collected 4 old tyres and some other rubbish that had been dumped on a country road at Dore and took them up to Blackstock Rd. They wouldn't accept them. So I took them back and dumped them where I found them.
  22. Thanks truman. That seems to have done the trick. I suppose what I found unbelievable was that this looked like an official Google extension which appeared without me asking for it, and then for info on how to get rid of it I'm directed to a site that charges £28.
  23. I've always had my computer home page set up as the Google Chrome home page so the search page comes up automatically when I switch on. But now when I switch on I keep getting something that says Doc to PDF by my way, which I don't want. After a bit of messing about I found a page that said questions to Google answered, so I put this question in, How do I get rid of the doc to pdf? Straightaway a reply came back saying the answer would cost £28! I said thanks but no thanks. Do any of you tech wizards on here know?
  24. http://www.kinlochservices.com/ This firm advertises locally.
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