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  1. Whats the current view from our heating engineers on Combi's vs Conventional systems? My boiler is 13 years old an right now I have a few quid spare so I'm considering getting it replaced along with a few other home improvements. One of the things I was considering was adding a shower pump as the shower pressure is quite low but a decent negative head pump is around £400+ so would I be better putting that money towards a decent Combi that could power 2 showers? Previously the Combi's installed on the newer phase of the estate I love on had a horrendous failure rate but I wonder if things have moved on and reliability is less of an issue.
  2. Can anyone advise on how you go about selecting the right size boiler? I currently have an Ideal classic FF50 and we have 15 radiators.
  3. I've got 2 bathrooms and a cloakroom that need doing up according to the missus. Can anyone recommend any good places to look for bathroom suites and tiles in south Yorkshire. I've looked in B&Q and Wickes to get some ideas but there must be better independent places to save a few quid. Also whats a reasonable price to pay per Sq/mtr for tiling, I don't want cheap wonky tiles so any recommendations appreciated. Same question really re fitting that bathrooms. Deano
  4. Thinking of getting an LCD TV for daughters bedroom but the wall it would need to be mounted on doesnt have a plug socket. I don't want any cables running up the wall so wondered if its possible to get a new socket installed behind where the TV would go on the wall? Is this relatively easy for an electrician to do? can they root the cable from the loft down into the wall? There is a TV aerial junction box in the loft so hoping a socket for that could also be installed? IF its a massive job we won't bother so keen to understand how hard it would be and if it would be very expensive. Deano
  5. Hi Where have you sourced your rockdoor from and would you mind giving an idea of cost? I tried to get a quote for one of these earlier in the year but when the salesman came out he just tried flogging me another make so was a total waste of time.
  6. Hi My radiators all seem to operate at different temps, some are really hot to touch where as most are what I would say are warm all over and some are only warm at the top and cold at the bottom. Googling around seems it could be my systems needs a power flush, does anyone have a rough idea of the cost for a power flush and install of a magnetic catcher thingymibob? My house has 13 radiators if that helps and we are in Bramley Rotherham.
  7. Sorry for digging up an old thread but didn't see the point of starting a new one. Hi can anyone give me rough costs for Hydrotherapy sessions? My Labrador tore his cruitiate ligament when he was 4 months old and we couldn't get anyone to insure his limbs after that. Now that he is 8 he is starting to get stiff and the vet has recommended hydrotherapy but I'm not sure we can afford it as we have to pay ourselves.
  8. Whats the rough cost for a power flush and Magnaclean install? We have 13 radiators in the house.
  9. How hot should radiators get in an efficient system? I was at my parents house at the weekend and noticed that their radiators get much hotter than my own, in fact you could barely touch my parents but mine you can comfortably grab hold and keep you hand on them without worry. I have a temp gun so I can measure how hot they get but wondered what range I should be looking at. I've had my boiler serviced and was told it was pretty efficient for its age but wonder if I need power flush?
  10. Can anyone recommend a source of decent quality Composite doors in Rotherham / Sheffield?
  11. Hi I'm thinking of changing my downstairs internal doors to Oak Hardwood doors. With the doors being heavier will I need to replace the frames or will the existing frames be okay? Deano
  12. Noisy Boiler Recently moved into a house thats seems to have a noisy boiler. It works fine but I'm not sure if the noise is anything to be worried about. I've videoed the boiler in action...exciting eh.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14xPhUAWPa0 Also the house has an extension that has 2 rads which barely get warm, I'm wondering if the boiler is underpowered as it is the same boiler we had in our old house which struggled to heat 11 radiators and in this house its trying to heat 15. Any thoughts? Deano
  13. HI, Can anyone recommned someone to clean and repair some of my guttering in the rotherham. I have a few leaky joints that need attention and a general clean. Anyone have a rough idea of cost on a 4 Bed detached house? Thanks Deano
  14. Does anyone have any inside information on the TV services that some of the ISP's are going to offer? I'm hoping to moved into my new house in January and would love to get away from SKY if possible.
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