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  1. A question to all those that have had a moan and groan about shopping there. Why do you continue to shop there if its so bad?
  2. My son worked for them for a while. Pressure sales, and if you dont make the target your soon out. High turnover of staff too.
  3. The new markings just make no sense at all, until they get it right its just going to be a free for all on these roundabouts.
  4. Sorry but if groups already use room and you plan to take it on for a year + where would they go?
  5. If you have a small black dome by your interior light then your remote locking/alarm sensor is above that and might have got water in from your leaking sunroof or if you have an Ariel above it they are prone to leak on the clio.
  6. The whole cover should screw off and slide down the cord.
  7. The police have the reg no and are supposed to be coming out but still no sign of them as yet.
  8. Scrap thieves were out early this morning in S5. Stealing from gardens and taking manhole covers too. Driving around in a S reg vauxhall combo van. If you live in S5 be careful not to fall down one of the holes they left.
  9. Is anyone else having problems with internet and interactive services in s5?
  10. Did you mean Subaru or Submarine? 8ft deep puddle lol.
  11. If you want someone who really knows what they are talking about try Gunsons on Bradfield road by the roundabout.
  12. Sounds like a level switch fault. The machine thinks its full of water and that's why it dosnt fill or spin..
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