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  1. Hi All, My work has offered to put me through a PTLLS course however I need to find somewhere that offers this course in the evenings which seems a challange. I cannot find that Sheff Collage are doing one. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Yes, I am aware its beighton but we have just move to Sothall Green in Beighton. I hope not, that means the wife is winning :/
  3. Relying on you Sheffield folk to settle a disagreement with the wife. Can anyone tell me how its pronounced, Is it "sot-hall" or "soth-all" Thanks
  4. Hi All, Apologies if this is in the incorrect section. Does anyone know of any Firework displays in or near the Crystal Peaks area. Check at the Fox & Gypsy Queen and neither is having one due to health and safety reasons Thanks
  5. Wont work 100% If the game is marked as NTSC then its either GR (Game Region) 1 or 2, neither will work on your UK XBOX 360 as it uses GR3. 100% it will not work in your xbox. Return it and buy a PAL version. See http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/watch-dvds-movies for further details.
  6. Thanks for your help all. Fingers crossed I can get it sorted tomorrow. Thanks but thats NHS direct, i spoke to them yesterday about pain relief advice but they cant phyically do anything unless I have problems breathing or and bleeding
  7. Still in really bad pain, tried to get myself an emergency appointment and they had all gone when I rang this morning. Im not sure what else I can do. Think its ridiculous after all these years of paying taxes, I cannot get help when I need it @queenswood, no they just give me the same 0844 number I have to ring
  8. Just spoke to NHS direct who said to alternate the paramol with ibruprofen every 3 hours and this will be the best pain relief and reduce the swelling. Ill let you all know how I get along
  9. They have just called and said I need to call back in the morning at 8am and they will then call me back again :/ Was contemplating getting some pliers and trying to pull what I believe to be the a remainder of tooth out but the wife is dead against in. Dont think there is anything else I can do, even the Children s Ibuprofen isn't helping.
  10. Thanks, thats the number I am waiting for a callback from.
  11. Thanks for the help all, drove in to Sheffield Walk in and A&E and neither will help with dental problem . They have given me a number to ring and someone is going to ring me back within a hour for a on the phone assessment. @mrs_patching Yes I have been doing the salt water mouthwash, but they didnt say anything about warm water so ive used cold @gym_rat It hasn't been bleeding Found some children nurofen liquid in the cupboard, applied that and taken some more paramol
  12. Hi All, I went for a tooth extraction last Thursday and since then I have has severe pain. I do not have a dentist, I have been on the waiting list at the killamarsh dentist for over a year, so have had to go to Charles Clifford to get this done. I am sure they have left part of my tooth in there, I can feel it with my tounge. I cant sleep or eat properly and any painkillers I try do not work (Ibuprofen, Paracetamol & Paramol.) Charles Clifford are closed till Tuesday but I really cant wait till then. Can anyone tell me what I need to do, I am in so much pain its unbearable. Thanks
  13. Hate to agree with a blade, but I have had pretty much the same experience with mobile dongles. You also need to think what type of activity you use the internet for and what dad you consume. Things like streaming and downloading use quite a lot of data so bear this in mind when looking in to your package.
  14. Shine a bright light on the screen, do you see a faint image (really faint), if so it could just be the inverter which are quite inexpensive.
  15. Cheers for the information all!
  16. Bear in mind if you replace the drive, you will need to dump the drive firmware from the old drive and flash it to the new drive. The method does widely vary as mentioned above. I have to say, It is actually harder that watching a youtube, you might even need to buy equipment to do this such as a VIA 6241a controller or a probe. Are you getting "Open Tray" or "Disk Unreadable" errors? If so and its an old Phat xbox (especially with the Hitachi drives) your laser is probably dying, try cleaning the laser with a ear bud and some laser cleaning fluid. If that doesn't work, try the POT Calibration (guide Here), only then look in to replacing the drive Good luck
  17. Hi, I'm getting an SSD and I've narrowed my search down to the OCZ Agility 3 or 4. I am struggling to see the difference between the drives, the 3 seems to out perform the 4 on the read/write rates. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  18. Hi, Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a more appropriate section. I have a Honda Civic (N Reg) however the immobilizer chip has fell off the middle of the key. I don't have any spare keys (apparently there is a red master key we are supposed to have) so I have no way of starting the car. Honda have quoted nearly £500 for a new lock and key set, im not sure if they are just trying to get as much money from me as possible but the car itself is only worth about £500 itself. Does anyone know of a way to bypass / remove the immobilser or anyone know of anywhere I could take it to get it done cheaper? I have spoken to the previous owner who didn't get the red key either The only other option I can think of is to buy a new car and call a scrapyard to collect this one Thanks in advance for your help Mike
  19. No water here in S21 1BR (Jubilee Crescent) Not sure Killamarsh will be covered on Yorkshire Water as its technically derbyshire
  20. Just had a phone call from the in-laws, they were driving near firth park and were surround by 2 big gangs with bats and knifes fighting each other and had a hard time getting through the gangs. They were quite scared, luckily they got home OK. Anyone heard or seen owt?
  21. On virgin, yes you technically have a dynamic IP, however if I recall correct the IP's they use have a lease time of about 4 hours so as long as you don't turn your router off for 4 or more hours it wont change.
  22. Carlisle is my slight worry, but as Corker said things look to be getting even better when the Jermaine back. I do reckon we will be up for automatic promotion. UTO
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