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  1. Do you work in the public sector by any chance?
  2. Waingate is being used by the sprinters for training, The athletes will have a £5 note taped to their back.
  3. :thumbsup:Exact combo I am using on my windows machine, the forth one is definitely the most important.
  4. I have been a few times since moving in to the area over 15 years. I try not to be ill purely because of this practice. The surgery staff are awful, they all think they are the doctor.Rude and abrupt is not in it. The last I knew is was drop in only, so no appointments. The surgery is not geared up for people who work and may want to see a doctor at a time suitable for them.
  5. Well save the tax payer a fortune and buy a android tablet instead then when clumsy councillors drop or "lose" them, they can buy another and still match the cost of one iPad.
  6. Were the Rockers fighting for a pseudo cause, as it seems the Mods are?
  7. Were they trying to be trendy for what is now called political correctness, as this was started in the 60's, but was a hippy thing, probably taken on by the mods to try and look as "with it"
  8. How come Manor Top got one and Darnall didn't! I would complain to Harry Harpham, if he ever steps foot in Darnall.
  9. So it was you that wrote the council's policy! Bad news, it's not working:mad:
  10. Not seen them for over 10 years in Darnall, when was your last one?
  11. It has long been known, that the council do not have a recycling/waste disposal facility open to everyone. This is one of the main causes of fly tipping. The council dumpit sites are only available to those with access with cars, if your choice of travel is not the car, you suffer, and people say the council is anti car!
  12. Who were the coolest? Who defined the free spirit of the 60's? The Mods or the Rockers? The Mods to me, always seemed a bit stuffy and full of self importance. The Rockers on the other hand seemed to party and have fun, whatever the cost.
  13. The full details can be found here It's really a shame the council do not provide this service free to everyone:(
  14. Did you just tut at it or report it? Fly tipping is a disease that blights a lot Sheffield and needs to be eradicated.
  15. I would not consider myself a pro, but if you take it all off, I will have a good look at it. I am sure I can it more smoother and responsive for you.
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