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  1. Anybody any idea if they are still open for business on Portland Lane off West Street? Just tried to book my car in for it usual service & MOT and both their website and telephone seem to be down. Just not sure what the problem is. Anybody know?
  2. Have been parking horse boxes and trailers on the land for the last 50+ years and all people using the land must have their own liability insurance. More interested in what people that own a caravan or motorhome look for or expect to find on a storage site.
  3. I have some hard standing next to some stables I own in the Hope valley near Bamford. My wife keeps, nagging, telling me that it would be ideal for parking a few small motorhomes and caravans, possibly up ten during the winter months. I have no idea what a facilities a person with a caravan/motorhome looks for or needs. So I thought I would start a topic here and ask you guys for your help and advice. Then I can discuss your comments with my wife and decide if it is a nonstarter or not. Cheers
  4. Hi Having given up raising Koi carp a few years back in a small deep pond in the garden I decided to throw in a few Shubunkins, yellow and red goldfish and leave them to their own devices. Well after a shaky start about two years ago I started finding young black goldfish which as they grew I expected them to turn yellow or gold. No they said we are staying black so you can’t see us! When the Sun is out you can see about three generations of black goldfish sunbathing in the margins. I have a few other youngsters but they have gone white! The old koi filtration system takes care of the ammonia suggestion. Any ideas
  5. Hi If you have not heard of a man shed before have a look here at the UK Mans Sheds Association which will explain. I am trying to get a few like minded people with time on their hands to form a Man Shed on the land of the PeakParkCC, the website still in the build but will give you a taste of the sort of things to be involved with and where it is located. If I can get enough interest I will arrange a meeting on the land to discuss my vision and your ideas and the best way forward for the shed. I intend to make the caravan the HQ and one of the stables the workshop and tool store. Thanks for looking Cheers Mark
  6. Can anybody recommend a garage door man to service and adjust/repair my electric roller door without wanting an arm and a leg? Cheers
  7. There must be loads of people driving around Sheffield in large diesel vehicles with a tow bar that would love a trip to Margate with me as a passenger to pick up a large box trailer for a full tank of diesel and a few quid in their hand. I have just bought the trailer but the guy will not wait for my car to be ready next week and insists it is collected this week! any ideas or offers?
  8. What has happened to the entrepreneur caterers
  9. Hi Tony012 First read about Rosalind Gardner. You could also watch her video about affiliate marketing Ros has made a fortune this way and it will save you a lot of time and effort trying to compete with the big dating sites. Just read, learn and copy her methods with your spin. Cheers
  10. Thanks Pintor Allpac Exports are quoting me for packaging and transport Cheers
  11. I have to get a Honda ST70 weighing Approx. 65Kg to Baden 35 minutes outside Zurich. Any ideas
  12. Hi Caterers Some time back in February I opened a post HERE looking for a person or persons with catering experience and knowledge to contact me to discuss ideas for a project in the Hope Valley. I had plenty of replies from people with comments but nobody with personal experience of the trade. We at the Peak Park Conservation Centre intend to open up to passing foot bashers and pedal pushers in April next year and think it would benefit them and us if we could offer some form of refreshments other than cold water from the tap. I am building a new website for the Peak Park Conservation Centre and hope somebody with knowledge of catering will see from it the potential to develop trade and make contact to discuss ideas Cheers
  13. Steve & Dave I apologise for the delay in contacting you both by pm, but have not been well since my Easter holiday. I hope to contact you both for a meeting on site this weekend on either Sat or Sun morning. Please pm me if you are available for either or both. Cheers
  14. Thank you all for your comments. After a lot of searching and looking at your ideas I have chosen TSOhost. I took a months trial with them in early February. They answered all my questions clearly so even an old man like me could understand what they said! The have both cPanel and their own clustered host panel. The clincher for me was their free migration of websites to their servers. Having moved websites before, this service saved me 3 days of mucking about! Their upload times are good and their prices competitive Cheers MailBottle
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