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  1. Id rather that be it than know some sewer life be stripping it down or ringing it etc. for financial gain? Happening a LOT I`m hearing
  2. Reg NU08 NCO, white hi-top ford T100 350 transit van stolen from kimberworth rotherham/sheffield border area last nite 11pm. Non-sign written but conspicuous roof rack & read door ladder to access. Last seen headed into sheffield S9-S5 wincobank/shiregreen areas. Any info to whereabouts etc greatly appreciated. Livelihood at stake "no van no work".
  3. I think you will find that grange mill lane resides in the electoral ward of east ecclsfield & within ecclesfield civil parish therefore under sheffield district council & all the businesses on this road come under an S9(1HW) postcode(s) reinforcing the point, as does observations of SCC streetwise activity on the road in question. (although their is some ambiguity regarding S5 addresses?)
  4. Yup, Still closed, You gotta laugh avnt you? Our super-efficient dynamic council at its best, & grange mill lane diversion is worse than a tibetan off-track mountain pass? Wonder how many claims for punctures & dinted wheels that bone shaker of a road will reach SCC?
  5. Theirs lots of contractors, some good some bad, word of mouth beats advertisers & flyer posters thru your letterbox, But a simple quote to reduce the vegetation encroaching your area of concern would generally fall in the region 300£ (for an insured, qualified & experienced team adhereing to the latest BS standards with an excellent H&S ethic.) I here commonly about folk who state "its not my tree" "the owner wont do anything" etc etc but when tenants 1st take up new residency they should envisage if their garden would ever need a budget for tree work but its always overlooked until years down the line when that nice small sycamore is now an 80ft behemoth with a 3ft diameter trunk?
  6. Agreement. Quintana will be looking to attack big time In the 1st mountain stage next tuesday after mondays rest day! I just hope his movi domestiques are on form to help (valverde back to his best?) but we are set for some battling with froome, But contador struggled in the climbs up to huy (more from rodriguez & katusha in the mountains pls!) & nibali has got more competition this year? Van garderen is aggressive though with bmc, as noted. But i cant see a better trio than konig Poels & porte for froome who we all hope stays out of trouble until the journey south & the climbs. THE most exciting race on earth continues
  7. Assuming its 512 freight forwarders between metallis (formerly van dalen scrap merch) & htc (west) on grange mill lane, lower shiregreen, (Wooley wood bottom area) where a unit for storing god knows what has ignited? Been burning for an hr now As latters posts confirm: it was metallis, (& not the 1st time nor will it be the last?)
  8. With all due respect "with little work" is the biggest understatement possible for literally anything involving arborist or tree work?(for the less educated/experienced), I would strongly advise on hiring an experienced, skilled, qualified and above all Insured tradesman! (I genuinely knew of a "bob-a-job" bloke who undertook some small tree de-limbing & snedding etc on a felled tree & its still going through legal action with him disabled for life, all thanks to being offered "some beer money")
  9. I question the numerous citizens who can`t pay their council tax online with some facing "pay now or face court proceedings" (been their done that) who have a deadline and cannot commute to pay in person at offices/Post office etc? Not to mention the many other services unavailable courtesy of the pathetic level of service in terms of down time? But rest assured all the traffic wardens will be dishing out PCN`s along with all the perfectly working cameras targetting bus lanes etc etc ***UPDATE*** 11:40 ,,its still down over 2 and half hrs later - Utterly Useless Morons comes to mind (and I assume it isnt just me moaning?) but wheres the complaints phone number? oh, is it on the councils website? CRAPita indeed!
  10. http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/ been down/unavailable since 9am for me - typical council performance?
  11. "Col d'jenks" is gonna be steamin & more packed out with spectators than the annual "alp d'huez"? So arrive early! TV recorder set for once in a lifetime free event so "vive le tour, vive yorkshire & c'est magnifique etape d'acier" (stage 2 finish sheffield - the steel stage)
  12. In defence of your discrimination you would find bunting, flags & decorations on certain scattered dwellings around what you refer to as "not the best bit of sheffield" etc so sorry to advise you that cycling is in fact legal to be enjoyed from the poorer members of society living in a shoe and not just toffee nosed upper class lords & ladies such as yourself
  13. yet more Fraud activity by A4E Staff,,, Clicky More info over on the watching A4E blogspot Here
  14. Well it`s quickly turning into a very sticky wicket for Emma! but I`m sure the ex-"family champion" (thanks to her being fully in-tune with the low poverty areas such as Darnall, Manor, Southey, Shiregreen etc etc.) and her affluent property in London, the splendours of Thornbridge hall and her sheer excellence in knowledge gained via her degree from Huddersfield university will handle her plight. Hoping for a full public enquiry into fraudulent misgoings on a-la Fred Goodwin style and force the conniving harlot to repay the millions she`s literally stolen from the taxpayer!
  15. Fair play to him but have a quick view on the other thread for the vast majority, who like me, have a very bitter aftertaste in being a client of theirs previously
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