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  1. Presumed he was as he was running under the helicopter (same direction looking up) on his walkie talkie! Unless he was one of the criminals playing with his power ranger walkie talkies??!! hehe
  2. Its all mostly outside shaws ironmongers (cctv) & Police dogs let out there... But got undercover police running round Edmund Road??!!
  3. Yes Edmund Road off Bramhall Lane! Its crazy round here at the Moment!!
  4. Helicopter, CCTV, Police dogs? Undercover Police? 6 Police Cars?? Any Ideas?
  5. Asda!! Yummy!! Cant decide on my favorite though!!!!!
  6. Trying to advertise a Quinny Buzz 3 Wheel Pushchair on here, but im new to SF and its telling me i need to post a thread before i can advertise properly Anyone who may be interested please ask for further info
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