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  1. all you have missed is us asking questions re the credibility and the responses were really not what a potential customer would like for the care of furbabies . I politely asked for information . I got aggressive responses from Lisspot as a potential customer is off putting.
  2. I appreciate your answers however if you are insured and offering services you need to be a registered business or your insurance is invalid( not me saying it , but its a requirement ) to be fair if I were advertising I would have said this in the adverts you are writing as reading this makes me feel that , I would worry leaving animals in such care . People look for details of care etc , web sites , and full disclosure of information . People will ask questions when you are looking after their fur babies.I don't think the OP was bombarding you .
  3. You didnt answer any of the valid points , which I would also like to see the answer for .
  4. Double vets bills , Double food bill , dog walkers aren't expensive in comparison , also they are checking up that all is ok with your baby.
  5. have you checked with local vets there was one missing norton lees/ meersbrook area recently .
  6. I wouldn't let my cats out on valley rd , its too busy and there have been so many missing in that area , also my friend has customers in that area , who have lost several cats . All mine are house cats.
  7. Tina at waggytails is amazing! Nothing is too much trouble. Extremely reliable. Wonderfully caring towards my dog! Wouldn't trust anyone but Tina . Even though they are often walked in muddy conditions my house always left clean and my doggy dried off , well cared for ! My dog loves Tina ! To summarise - reliable, flexible, caring and extremely trustworthy! give her a call on 07990 90 3773 .
  8. Blingy dogs for me too , Did a fantastic had strip and cut for my long haired monster.
  9. not really we are a family living together happily with no dis-functionality.
  10. Personally I think this thread should be closed now as people really are not discussing what the original thread was about not one of the posters here has stuck to the subject. ---------- Post added 31-12-2015 at 18:29 ---------- Only if it is complained about enough .
  11. Really you are a load of bullies who need to be shown some manners. I have watched this thread with much interest for sometime, it is very interesting to see the same people acting in a manner which is nothing more than bullying . I have read all that has been written you really need to be more, check your evidence before you accuse people. Ken if you would private message me I would like to ask you a few questions myself.
  12. Bullmastiffs are not for the faint hearted or indeed for begginers, they by their very nature are stubborn and bullish, I recommend that you go to puppy classes and later dog training classes to help you learn to handle your dog, they also need raised feeding and drinking bowls as they grow because it can cause tummy cramps and bloat if they eat from the floor. Be prepared for lots of slobber and I mean lots, one of my mastiffs even managed to get it on the ceiling! They are very big dogs and give very big cuddles, they are very loyal and very protective which is why socialization is extremely important from an early age both with dogs and humans as their nature, their hard wiring so to speak is guard dog. Give them plenty of things to chew but make sure that they are tough enough to withstand a mastiff's jaws, one on my mastiffs was given a chew toy which was supposed to be for mastiffs and bull dogs, it wasn't, poor Blue had to have surgery to have it removed from her stomach, I recommend nilabones and kongs. Have fun with your new puppy and keep asking questions on here if you have any problems
  13. I think whatever the creed or colour , faith or way of life respect is the key
  14. which have been answered just not to your satisfaction ? or do you just not understand the simple message of the gospel ? this is my final comment. I don't wish to be embroiled into your game , which you love playing , especially as you have repeated it so many times in different threads.
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