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  1. Picking schemes form other cities doesn't make it a good one. The question should be a priority and made outwardly to all Sheffield communities via local councillors and groups. The one level of roads, junctions and paths has been a problem from the start. Subways and flyovers are the solution, you then do not need smart lights.
  2. The disruption was 5 minutes at rush hour (7-9am) it will be clear after half an hour backup.
  3. I think we all have examples of how we have been let down by SYP and its not going to get better any time soon. Stay safe and look after yourselves out there.
  4. I would like to see more localised recycling sites around Sheffield, there are not enough of them and too far for those without a car. Going around other countries and cities, public toilets are a sign of wealth or degeneration and Sheffield has degenerated in this field. I would also like to see parking permits for all street parked vehicles.
  5. Road planning around Sheffield has been dire for decades due the the same people at the top. We need new people with new ideas about an issue that will always be there and with greater complexity as time goes by. Making a stand is necessary to show that people are not satisfied with the options presented.
  6. To create a stable and sustainable local news force I think it is worth the initial investment of £1 to see where it goes
  7. You are going the right way using Facebook as a means of getting exposure, ads are cheap and the reach is tremendous. You do get a high bounce rate from landing pages but if you couple it with a newsletter signup to mailchimp you get to keep them for another day. You might need to send at least 4/5 emails before people start looking or unsubscribing. If you know a builder and a carpenter etc. you can create your own work group and recommend each other. Don't pay Yell and other directories as no one goes there. It is ALL Google so make sure your GMB page is up to date with new reviews and pictures. Bing brings you a tiny exposure and worth doing as its Free.
  8. If the speeds where managed like the smart motorways are supposed to be managed then it could be a good thing. The only problem is that people ignore the variable speed limits and create the congestion further along. There is no point in doing 70 mph if you are going to be stood for 5-10 minutes at the M1 roundabout.
  9. I didn't want to start a new topic but I have been campaigning locally to get rid of speed bumps and has been great with drivers abiding by the speed limit and driving sociably. However that has now come to an end with some village idiots using the roads as race tracks again, revving late in the night and speeding down roads when kids are playing between parked cars. I have abandoned my campaign and wrote a letter to say that the road bumps can stay and put more down on junctions that seem to have become parking spaces anyway. Cyclists and drivers don't like the gutter cycle lanes but they do save cyclists from bad tempered racing drivers who don't agree with filtering.
  10. Had an email from British cycling today about the accident and members getting in touch https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/campaigning/article/20190625-Cycling-and-insurance--FAQs-0
  11. I have cycling insurance as I do alot of cycling on busy roads. I do not think it is necessary for people that are unlikely to cause any serious damage but it is not for me to decide what would constitute such ability. The riders hazard perception decision led him to not be in a position to stop in time. How many car drivers on a 40 mph road slow down for pedestrians walking on the adjacent pavement or slow down coming up to traffic lights? The majority of car drivers I see look like they struggle to walk to their cans never mind able to ride a bike and know what its like on the road. I occasionally use cycle routes but I never ride on the pavement and reluctantly use gutter cycle lanes as the drivers do not give enough passing space.
  12. Just seen them too, over a decade since I've worked on them. https://www.army.mod.uk/equipment/aircraft/
  13. Wordpress sites are great for visuals like gardens but the backend is slow and don't get me started on security & maintenance. I can take a look for you but it will cost you at least a fence line and some turf.
  14. Forgot all about this post of mine, seems relevant again though. My build up last year wasn't helped by the neighbours half cleaning their side of the gutter after a decade of being left.
  15. With the return of the wet stuff it might be an idea to check the function of your drains. I noticed that the flow from my drain pipe was not as much as it should have been with the rain coming down. I found a build up of moss and things from the roof that have been effectively power washed down the drain pipe from the rain storm yesterday.
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