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  1. He had a good knock doing what he wanted to do.
  2. Perhaps different versions stay for different lengths of time before the networks take them down.
  3. It is very strange how a city that likes to claim it has more green spaces than any other city shows every intention of trying to destroy them. The image the city portrays via the media is one of neglected and abused parkland, burned down ski village and knocked down athletics stadium. Is it any wonder the developer pulled out of 7stones? Most of the city's parks have friends groups who can and do attract grants for the improvement of parks. Yet the council would rather fight these groups than work with them with the consequence that £100s of thousands go begging and Look North feature dog muck being tipped in Graves Park. ---------- Post added 22-07-2014 at 08:43 ---------- I seem to remember rather a lot of polls on the subject at the time, in the papers, on this forum and some even conducted by St Lukes. I don't remember a single one that came out in favour of St Lukes being allowed to build in Graves Park.
  4. That is interesting as there has clearly been a mass panic since the Environment Agency dropped by. It seems the current question is what do the council actually use the land for? It seems there is 3.5 acres of Graves Park fenced off and used as nothing more than a tipping ground for council waste and council junk. Just look at the place. It isn't in use. It is charitable status parkland that is fenced off for no reason than to use 5% of it as a tipping ground for knackered tractors and derelict portacabins. Just flick through those photographs and tell me if this is a legitimate use for land that someone gave to the people of Sheffield to be used as public parkland.
  5. If there are more bins there are more bags. No amount of your bluster can get away from the point that..WHEN THE BIN IS EMPTIED ALL THOSE BAGS NEED TO GO STRAIGHT FOR DISPOSAL.. They do not need removing from a steel bin and leaving in a heap in a public park. ---------- Post added 17-07-2014 at 13:23 ---------- It seem to be Dog Poo Futures.
  6. I heard about this on Radio Sheffield on my way in this morning. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING.
  7. Aren't all clothes designed by designers? It is just that some are made in smaller numbers than others.
  8. I was talking to a bus driver a few days back and he says there is a posibility of them striking too over the shift changes and other policies regarding the tour.
  9. Parents don't educate their children. They give them a games console and let them get on with it. Korean kids might be far better academically but on average they are 5 seconds a lap slower than British kids round the Nurburgring in a virtual McLaren C12
  10. Whenever I go to the Town Hall I request a parking permit. That allows me to park in the Town Hall car park for free. That solves the problem.
  11. They seem to have a need to always have the last word on every subject.
  12. I know someone who had a pacemaker that failed after a year and had to have it replaced. However on the plus side when you have a pacemaker your heart keeps beating even during a heart attack.
  13. I don't judge folk by their username unless it is an obvious wind up or political statement. I do judge folk on their signatures, their posts and in inverse proportion to the amount of posts they feel compelled to make.
  14. Or it could be the 2 sisters made the whole thing up. I think before I spent 1/2 million on someones credit card I would get them to stick down something in writing. It isn't exactly unusual for someone caught using another person's card to claim "they said it was OK".
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