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  1. If you move to bakewell you should be able to get pub work easy and then you wouldn't have to go into sheffield much?
  2. There is 16,000 people in sheffield looking for work! you would get one but it would take a while... what work you want?
  3. You will be hard pressed to find a job!
  4. Maybe you can see more of the world than sheffield?
  5. Well at least i live by a nice river, nice people, shame you have to live there but oh well. Ps the river runs past my house. If you come to bakewell i will let you park next to my house!
  6. Do i? So where are you from mister know it all?
  7. You dont see people spiting in my area?
  8. If you can get in to derbyshire i can tell you a amzing place in a wood, no people at all.
  9. just dont mix with common people you will be fine.
  10. Yeah i went to town on the weekend the amount of undesierd people is unreal!
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