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  1. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    Wow hen and chicken, not a name I'll forget! I'll be sure to look out for it! Thanks gang haha ---------- Post added 22-01-2017 at 21:52 ---------- Same Page...? Am I missing somthing here? Ha
  2. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    Defiantly not for me then! Normal, social locations are what I'm after! Suppose every town has a pub with 'character' haha
  3. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    Oh right ok...haha I don't see the joke side but oh well! lol thanks for clearing that up!
  4. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    The hen and chickens...?
  5. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    Thanks both, appreciate your replies! So it would seem in this general area there isn't much going on! I'll have to do some exploring
  6. mazybunnyx

    Dog walking anyone??

    Hi all! I'm looking for someone to walk the dog with in the Ecclesall woods area? Seen a few strange looking people around so don't like going on my own anymore! Drop me a message if interested! Thanks x
  7. mazybunnyx

    Box set and binge viewing megathread.

    What's that 'man in a high castle' all about?...
  8. mazybunnyx

    New to sheff - help!

    Sheffield-ers! Greetings! I hope everyone is well and recovering from the festive period! I'll keep the question simple...where's hot and where not in the night scene here? Don't want to walk into somewhere I won't come back out again!
  9. HI EVERYONE! Ok so I used to be on this forum when I was planning to move to Sheffield...cut a long story short it fell through, until NOW! I'm here and moved it and it's great to be finally settled in! Thought id say a big hello and hope to use this forum going forward while I learn my around this strange old place! Any friend or advice on anything would help! Peace!
  10. mazybunnyx

    Is Disneyland all its cracked up to be?

    Wow guys hanks so much for your advise. Genuinely appreciated. If anyone has spare time to discuss further before we look to book, my kik is teamjedward63737
  11. Ok sonny youngest mentioned wanting to go to Disney (which I can't afford anytime soon) but I just wondered if it's as magical as the adverts suggest?
  12. mazybunnyx

    Rate the last film that you've seen - part two

    Brent on the road! 3/10 extremely disappointing!
  13. mazybunnyx

    Understanding the universe.

    Woooow ok. I never thought there was discussions this complex on a Sheffield forum! Awesome

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