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  1. You said put cops working on speed cameras to "a more serious department" Thus OUT of the road policing department, as you have said. In a nutshell as you would like. No, the overtime for the Officers on speed cameras comes from the safety camera partnership. The safety camera partnership are there to run speed cameras for the police. They wont pay for Officers to work on a "more serious department". Once again, as others have told you. No. It goes direct to the governement. You keep using the phrase "collecting revenue" Thats not what is going on. They are enforcing road traffic legislation..? Where does the word "revenue" get used in the criminal justice system.? Nor do "collect". Because they dont deal with the money. Its not revenue.. Its fines.. ?? You seem to be in a minority of people who believe in some huge conspiracy that police are pocketing millions in speeding fines.. But yes, as has been said before. The huge majority of mobile camera sites are run by Officers on overtime paid for, by speeding fines. The fines also pay for more cameras AND the vans. Brilliant isnt it.! Personaly. I think the cops should keep every penny, and the individual Officers be on a bonus and a profit share scheme, to encourage them to catch more and more people speeding, every day of the week, and stop publishing the locations in advance. Maybe then the idiots driving faster than speed limits allow will slow down and stick to the law.
  2. So you want to close down the road policing department..?? So they will no longer have anyone to investigate serious/fatal accidents. No one to enforce road traffic legislation. No one to target drink drivers. No one to deal with incidents on the motorway network.. etc etc. However we can have a theft from a schoolboy dealt with.. How many more times do people have to tell you.. Officers working on camera vans are on overtime, paid for by safety camera partnership.!! Even if you could wave your magic wand and get rid of camera vans, the result on other policing is ZERO..!! It will not free up any cops, because they are working on OVERTIME..! Is that clear enough.. Theyre on overtime, day off, spare day, none duty time, extra shift, rest day, weekly leave day, spare shift, volunteered to work..... does that help...? How many points have you had from safety camera vans.? They are publicised before placement you know, and nearly always in regular spots. If you just drive sensibly and within the limit, they dont cost you money/points.
  3. Well that wasnt a speed enforcement then was it..! If you get caught speeding, you just get sent the paperwork in the post, they dont pull you over down the road..!! What you saw was probably cops and PCSOs doing a traffic checkpoint, looking for vehicles with dangerous faults on the, like bald tyres and jagged bodywork.
  4. oosit.. how many people have to tell you before you understand.? cops on camera vans are working on their days off for overtime. PAID FOR BY SAFETY CAMERA PARTNERSHIP Most of the cops at football matches are working on their DAYS OFF, that were cancelled months prior to the match, FOR NO EXTRA MONEY. Cops on TV shows simply have a camera crew following them..!! They arent being rented out.!! and ten years ago the population was different.. thanks to the labour government. The uk population in 2001 was 58.7 million people The uk population in 2011 was 62.2 million people So the same number of cops are having to police an extra three and half MILLION people. Like i said.. They are short handed. But the Chief Constables wont say that out loud.
  5. ooisit.. your beef about police being revenue collectors, is very tired and dull. The point of speed enforcement is to punish knobheads who drive too fast. Period. the money goes straight to the GOVERNMENT.. not the police.! Your point about speed enforcement taking several Officers is just wrong. It takes ONE cop to work a speed camera or laser speed gun. If you saw more than that one occasion then there was clearly something else going on. As others have tried to tell you. Camera Van = ONE COP.. Paid for through safety camera partnership, not police funds. And my point about placing a value on thefts to be investigated is a reality check on the current sad state of affairs. There arent enough cops. Period.! So something has to give. The cops should stop lying to people and just admit that they are short staffed and that some stuff just wont get done.! Dont the blame the cops, blame the politicians. And if you didnt vote then your just as guilty.
  6. yes it should be like every other business. It should be run on lines of economy and profit.. My van got broken into and 8 thousand pounds of tooling taken. Thats far more important and valuable than your kids phone, so I want them to deal with my job first. My insurance company would pay the cops to find my stuff, so they should put more effort into my case than a stolen phone. They should set a value limit on thefts, below which they can just ignore it and get on with the valuable stuff.
  7. depending on the car, some scrap dealers wont give you anything. They will just "allow" you to dispose of it via their yard.
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