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  1. I sold last week at oldcotes and was pretty busy, but the field was a bit boggy, you gotta get there early to get a nice dry spot.
  2. Anyone been to old cotes yet this year? Heard its not been very busy, but doing my first there tommorow. Also, what are good saturday car boots? I usually do the twin-oaks one, but its was poor for myself last year and cancelled today. Whats the tansley one like on a saturday? Any restrictions as the sunday one doesnt.
  3. I know its a little early for winter carboots. But what are the good ones for after the summer ends? I sell new items and do well at old cotes on a sunday, ideally looking for something similar. I know of 1 in mansfield, but ideally 1 located closer to home
  4. It says it should be open from March 1st. Absolute bomb site still, i walk past it everyday and no chance of it being totally complete. No doubt they will get the store open, but the rest of the area wont be done. Think they have only just started work on the petrol station are, so good luck to them Today was the most amount of workers ive seen there, so looks like they are doing there utmost to get it open on time. No more expensive donuts for them coppers anymore....
  5. Hi, just wondering, if there any classes or stuff around beighton area for the weight watchers program. Not seen much advertised, so just asking, if anyone knows anyone who is doing it in the beighton area or close by and where to go.. Thanks in advance.
  6. Talking of taxis, who are the best? I know city are cheaper than mercury, but in beighton ive seen a "shellys cars" sticker on some taxis but missed number, anyone got there number at all? Moved from Rotherham to sheffield, and the price for taxis are ridiculous! Do council charge a set amount minumum per mile etc? Journey from my old house to chapeltown from a rotherham taxi was £6.70, journey hone in a sheffield taxi was £9.20!
  7. Just moved into Beighton, from Rotherham. Just wondering, if anyone has names and numbers for any local taxi firms. Than City or Mercury who operate in sheffield. Also, anyone know of any good take aways who deiliver to Beighton. Preferably chinese and local kebab/Pizza shops they would reccomend. Best pubs to visit. Naturally there is a few chained pubs around crystal peaks, and ive seen the fox pub. But any other nice pubs who do a good pint? Thanks in Advance Andy
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