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  1. I was stopped twice yesterday, once on the moor and later on fargate, both times by tall young men who stood in front of me so I couldn't get round them, asking for money. They were both clean and well dressed so I assume were not street sleepers. As an elderly woman alone, this is intimidating and surely should be stopped.
  2. butter and best butter. Friends from down south can't get their heads round this, as in, butter was marge and best butter was butter!!!
  3. We used to call the kitchen worktop 'the side', and said sidey the table as well.
  4. Cornish, as in mantelpiece
  5. Looking for long term housing rental, can only find short term lets. Thanks
  6. Yes, Mr Lamb was the headmaster and his son went to the school. ---------- Post added 20-08-2018 at 20:05 ---------- Mrs Fincham was the deputy head, a real battleaxe as I remember!
  7. My grandparents lived at the bottom part of mushroom lane, between the hospital and the ponderosa. They were the Pearsons, with William, Nellie, Frank and Keith Their back garden backed onto the ponderosa. Does anyone remember the prefab buildings that were a school, in the ponderosa, my sister went there.
  8. I went to Shiregreen School and used to go to the Paragon fish and chip shop at lunchtimes, they did half an uncut small loaf with the bread scooped out and filled with chips. The Paragon cinema was opposite, which did a matinee on Sat afternoons. For one shilling ('old'money), we got cinema (pictures) ticket, ice cream in interval, chips from Paragon chippie afterwards. This was in 1950's. Anyone else remember? ---------- Post added 20-08-2018 at 16:38 ---------- I went to Sally Carmichael's dance school above bellhouse road club, with Marti Cain(Lyn Shepherd) from 1959 to 1962. Anyone else on here went there?
  9. magz

    Bands of the sixties

    Frank White is Richard Hawley's uncle.
  10. One was flying over City Road last Saturday.
  11. The one on the bridge at Hillsborough
  12. Sorry to hijack this thread, but does anyone know of a good indian restaurant that does good veggie dishes?
  13. Does anyone know which parks/times etc do the cycling for adult beginners where bikes are provided? Decided i'ts time I should learn. Thanks
  14. Thankyou for the replies, will try both later

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