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  1. Given the current landline and broadband outage resulting from car crash on The Dale last Friday. the lack of a local library with internet facilities is now very unfortunate.
  2. Following Friday Car Crash at top of Dale taking out a BT Box, All Landlines and Broadband in the area Have been lost. Getting info from my provider PLUSNET and from BT has been at best difficult and at worst Misleading. Email from BT via MP Louise Haigh has indicated that the problem may take weeks rather than today (14/9/2016) as published by Plusnet. The issue has also highlighted how poor mobile phone reception is in the area. If anyone has vulnerable relatives or friends affected by the outage please contact MP louise Haigh who may be able to help.
  3. Will let mum know. Its many years since Sam died so suddenly. Yes do send Edna our love. Mum lives Dinnington atm but I am based in Woodseats
  4. Is your Mum Edna? If yes I should Take mum to see her.
  5. Of course Mum remembers Edna and Sam. I too remember the names. They used to visit Mum and Dad when we lived in Wincobank and presumably when we lived in Nether Edge. Lovely to hear from you. Bless you and your mum and i pray your suffering is as minimal as it can be. Nx
  6. They moved from South Anston to Dinnington via a short stay in Woodseats. Thank you for your kind message. Neill ---------- Post added 29-08-2016 at 12:22 ---------- I do remember a Rueben and will let Mum know. Bless you. Neill ---------- Post added 29-08-2016 at 12:26 ---------- I remember Phil as a customer in Kings Head / Sportsman when he and Mum owned them. Thanks for your message. Have let Mum know. ---------- Post added 29-08-2016 at 12:27 ---------- Indeed. Dad used to take me their to train with him when i was a boy. Thank you for your message. Neill
  7. Thats great to know. Who was your Dad? Thank you ---------- Post added 16-08-2016 at 09:07 ---------- Thank you mate. up the owls :@)
  8. Yes he Did. I was born at home there. they subsequently moved to Nether Edge before owning the Kings Head on Attercliffe Rd and the Sportsman at Darnall ---------- Post added 16-08-2016 at 07:55 ---------- Kind of you. WIll pass on to Mum ta ---------- Post added 16-08-2016 at 07:56 ---------- He was a joiner/builder before and after he was a prefessional boxer so sounds like may well be Dad. ---------- Post added 16-08-2016 at 07:58 ---------- Thanks Jim. Unfortunately he was a Blade though. Im with you in blue :@)
  9. Dad Billy died peacefully at home after 5 years + battle with ALzheimers and loving care from his wife Paula who deserves a medal. I wil lpost funeral arrangements as soon as i have them. Uncle Ron now lives in Poole Dorset with Sons Warren and Craig. Aunt Edie passed away last year. RIP Dad. Nx
  10. Billy is my Dad. He passed away last Wednesday evening at home after 6 year fight with Alzheimers. was Cared for throughout by Mum Paula throughout. Thanks Mum and you'll always be my champ Dad. RIP Neill x
  11. Dad passed away peacefully at home after he lost his final bout against hideous Alzheimer's Disease last Wednesday Evening. He fought the good fight and made the bout last over 6 years which was a mixed blessing for us all, and particularly for him and for Mum, who kept her 53 year old marriage vow to Love until death did them part. Thank you mum for doing what the NHS and social services could not and God bless you Dad. You will be my Champ for ever. Nx PS We buried Dad in Abbey Lane cemetery last Tuesday Aug 23rd, almost 53 years to the day that he took future World Champion Howard Winstone to 15 rounds for first time in Winstone's career. There was standing room only in the Chapel. Although one of the sadest days of my life it was wonderful to see so many there, and to catch up with friends and relatives old and new. Mum, Claire and I would like to thank all who came to the funeral. Neill Calvert x PS I am doing the Memory Wlak in Clumber Park on October first. If anyone wishes to donate to Alzheimer's society then you can do so on my JustGiving page. Once at the JustGiving website search for Neill ( NB 2 Ls in Neill) Calvert. Lets help get rid of this terrible disease.
  12. I too have been looking for a local upholstery course. Amazed/disappointed that i cand seem to find anything at either sheffield or chesterfield colleges.
  13. Hes right and also spaces up on fouth flloor but beware when exiting as you need to exit by the right hand of the 2 exit gates. WAWAW ;-)
  14. Yes. Free parking but the motorcycle bay is now 1 floor up. Parking is free. Need to exit by the right hand of the 2 exits.
  15. Its now The end of September and its still open. I went there today to look at the sale having past it and seen the closing down sale sign yesterday on the way to the match. CLosed on Sundays.
  16. i voted yes because chance to regulate and raise taxes. About time we caught up with the dutch. anyone point me in the right direction?
  17. looking for a good plumber who doesnt charge the earth. I have a faulty/leaking loo. Also have a faulty immersion heater timer. toilet job is the priority as i keep having to swith off my water at stop tap. Any offers/recommentadations? I live in a flat in S8:help:
  18. I am Billy Calverts Son. All i can tell you is that he did not have a brother called Bernard. His brothers are Ronnie, Joe and Jack.
  19. just realised how ironic my signature is. ie every day i go out to get busy living ( or earning one) i might be getting busy dying thanks to the inconsiderate illegal garage owner. In response to adysheff, its illegal to park on junctions, and its illegal to advertise cars on the public highway.
  20. im more annoyed that every day i go out in the car i take my life in my hands turning right onto woodseats road because the garage owner has an advertised car right on the junction blocking my view on what is already a hazardous junction. i cant even see through the windows of the car because of the bloody for sale sign on the windscreen.
  21. yes im campaigning for the double yellows as this guy is clearly not going to play ball. as you say it will make the triangle a much safer place to drive.
  22. his cars are parked illegally and dangerously. He was politely asked to move one of his cars by a neighbour who needed to get a removal van in for his elderly parents. all he got in return was a torrent of verbal abuse. There are two issues here. Dangerer ous and illegal parking and Illegal trading. He has already been contacted by the council and refuses to comply. The Police are not interested.
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