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  1. I googled tornado in uk and there was one on 3rd may if that's any help
  2. hope you don't mind me putting a request on here cause I am hoping someone might know the person I am looking for, his name is ADAM JOHNSON, a strong and dedicated supporter of the owls, early 30's, worked and lived at EMMAUS in Sheffield till about 2 months ago, and I need to find him urgently regarding KB, so if anyone knows him or if he goes on this forum please get in touch or pass this message on to him that would be brilliant, thanks x Helen x
  3. does anyone know an ADAM JOHNSON early 30's,who was working at Sheffield EMMAUS until 2 months ago ??? needs to be contacted urgently , please PM me , thanks x Helen x:help: PS, reg, KB , thanks x
  4. firstly, smoking weed does not automatically mean you will become addicted to harder substances, and on my street I know of 2 houses that have weed smokers in them as they can be smelt from outside , this is a hint to the ones who are smoking it from Beighton , be careful cause if I can smell it there may be do gooders who will report you xxx take care
  5. I was gonna say dearlands, many a time I have rode down there on a bike and my fillings have nearly come out !!!
  6. why don't you go to the hospital ,tell them what they are needed for and ask if they have some spare, if it is for a mercy mission etc, they may want to contribute with the scrubs as a good will guesture xxxx good luck x ---------- Post added 18-04-2014 at 13:17 ---------- just a thought, do vets use scrubs? if so maybe it would be worth asking them too xx
  7. thankyou for letting me know regarding supplements for house cats x
  8. hi, i have had cats in the past and yes i have lost 2 to being ran over, but i know if i had kept them indoors they would have been so misserable , so to have a cat that is happy and goes exploring and brings back mice and birds for us is the best thing for a cat as it is normal behaviour rather than it stuck indoors watching the world go by at the window, even though there is the risk of it being killed on the roads. also just a queery, if a cat is just an indoor cat do you have to give it supplements that you would normaly get from the sun/daylight?
  9. lets hope the motorcyclists are not too badly injured x
  10. i aggree fully on this one, some charity shops are priced rediculiously
  11. when my children were younger we all got splashed this way one day and to this day we still laugh about it, its only water !!!
  12. trust me, if an egg is off you will know as soon as you break the shell
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