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  1. Thread here on the term xtian http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=856996 Closed though
  2. I meant "doing well" in the sense that Islam is thriving and established in quite a chunk of the world http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-uuvTlSaeMZw/TYvfXuB0MmI/AAAAAAAABuk/LlDaC2LaJag/s1600/isr-world%255B1%255D.gif they are not like the Jews were, a people with no homeland, so why oh why are Muslims being allowed literally colonise this country?? We have immigration of all types of people into this country, but there are no parts of Sheffield that can be described as an Irish area, a Jewish area, an Australian area or even a Polish area, but yet we all know the area's of Sheffield that are most definitly refered to as Asian/Muslim areas.
  3. And along you came with reasoned arguments and to point out exactly where and why, in your opinion, we are wrong - Oh wait no you havn't, you've just stepped in and made an utterly useless post. Thanks for coming anyway.
  4. When you look at it, what he's actually done wrong doesn't really amount to much, in fact, all the so called "sleaze" during the Major government pale's into insignificance compared to the real wrongdoings that came after with New Labour by the likes of of Mandelson, Robinson, Irvine, Vaz, Byers, Jo Moore, Milburn, Hughes, Paul Corrigan, and Tony Blair.
  5. Yes go there, you'll be very very welcome there I'm sure. Also try Dore and Stannington.
  6. I bet you're happy to see BNP members "named and shamed" and outed from their employment, wherever it is. I remember the hoohah in the news about BNP members being teachers a couple of years back - I bet you were one of the voices saying it shouldn't be allowed.
  7. Marriage is like Claire Richards It's an enormous Step.
  8. Dr Fox has resigned? Magic Radio has lost a living legend.
  9. Have you ever thought that it might not be anyone else's business?
  10. Dont worry about it, red heads are nice http://fashionfatalities.files.wordpress.com/2008/03/lilly-cole-ms.jpg http://www.hotnewsonglyrics.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Nicola-Roberts-Lucky-Day-Lyrics.jpg
  11. Brings a new meaning to the term "dirty phone call".
  12. There are recent examples actually yes, but the damage wasn't all done recently was it?
  13. If, in responce to this, anyone cracks the "like a glove" joke, I've done it already in post 11
  14. In the last two years. Lol. why only the last two years? is it because there's a long history of communist union militancy in this country.
  15. Condoms fit him, wait for it.............like a glove!!! I'll get my coat.
  16. Governments and big corporations are often under "cyber attack" from other states and/or individual hackers trying to gain access to sensitive information. Well here's my solution to to this> http://www.featurepics.com/FI/Thumb300/20100809/Vintage-Typewriter-Paper-Isolated-1630793.jpg
  17. 20% turnout. Barnsley deserves to be shat on from great height.
  18. As I see it the main reason there's no jobs here is over the years our silly volatile union movement has made this country into an unnatractive place to open a factory.
  19. Germany is in much better shape than Britain in many ways, always has been, they manufacture and export much more than we do, and as a country enjoy a general higher standard of living than we do in the UK, and It is mainly because the German working class and their unions and the capital class have a healthy constructive relationship, unlike here in Britain where our unions are so entrenched in their anti-capitalist ideology. Perhaps if Britain's union movement had took a leaf out of Germany's book and took a more sensible approach, Britain would still be an industral, exporting nation.
  20. The three-hour debate in Westminster Hall covered the wider response to the riots, but did not touch on benefits - which is the essence of the e-petition. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-15283837
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