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  1. Cheers Mr Craig, you've been most helpfull, the best thing i can do now is to get myself up to Sheffield and check this property out. One more thing. can you tell me what the houses are like on the inside. Thanks. Smithy
  2. smithy


    Sorry Geoff, i'm new to all site.
  3. Thanks for your comments.I have 2 young boys 4 and 6 yrs,are there schools,parks nearby?. The house number is 670, is that right next to the tram line?
  4. smithy


    I take it from the massive response to my question about Soca that are no clubs in Sheffield that play this music, for the person that thinks i was talking about football that is spelt Soccer! Thanks anyway.
  5. I've found a property on City Road, before i travel up from London to view the house i need the lowdown on the area.would you want to live there???
  6. can anyone tell me if there is a soca scene in Sheffield, also, where do i go to here reggae??
  7. I've read with interest about the comments on Pitsmoor as this was an area i was considering, i have some friends that know the area and like it. What i need to find out is how to go about finding rented accomodation that accepts housing benefit. I am planning on returning to work so it does need to be affordable,what are the rents like in sheffield? I will be looking a 2/3 bed house. I need to move quickly so any advice would be welcome.
  8. I'm a mum of two mixed race boys and i'm looking to move to Sheffield in a couple of months. I'm unsure about areas as i don't know Sheffield well.We want somewhere with a good cultural mix, somewhere lively and preferably with plenty of community activity for the children to get involved with. Does anyone out there have any ideas?
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