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  1. When I say cheap I don't mean 600-800 pound
  2. Hi I'm getting married in July and im looking for a cheap photographer in sheffield from 1230pm till about 5pm all I'm wanting will be the photos put on to a disc were I can print of that or duplicate the disc if anyone can help please get in contact either on here or by phone my number is 07538008986 I don't mind if you are a student or anything like that all il need if proof of previous work Thanks for reading
  3. i tried but cant seem to do it
  4. hi does anyone know how to update the san francisco phone if so comment or inbox me will pay for it doing thank you
  5. hi does any one know how to update the orange san francisco phone i have tried and failed if anyone knows how or will do it for me please comment or inbox me thank you
  6. hi just an update got the song now just need to get disc repaired as its jumping so one step closer yyyyyiiiiipppppppeeeeeeeeee
  7. right got someone coming this week says he has the song i looking for whoop whoop lets hope he has anyone want it emailing to them i will glady do but wait till i got it and il let you know if it is fingers crossed everyone
  8. no thats all i can remember lol i know its a long shot but someone will come to the rescue lol
  9. lmao trust if i ever find it i will email it to you all lol its a realy good tune and i have tryed everything poss just cant find it
  10. i have been looking for months lol
  11. it is from year 2007 ive been told but that all they can tell me
  12. yeah they are the right ones just so hard to find lol
  13. no luck at moment but will tell all if i do
  14. its an old one but cant remember what year
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