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  1. We've had apprentices but end up letting many of them go because they don't turn up on time or often turn up drunk from the night before.
  2. But it does mention the record 31 million who are actually in work. There have been part time jobs and zero hour contracts for years. They have always been part of the figures but it doesn't explain away the record number of people who are in work or the fact that many on zero hours or part time actually want to be that way because it suits them.
  3. The question you asked was "can you tell me with your wealth of information how do you make an engine using robots?" The video shows you. The process is used by all major manufacturers. BMW who make the BMW engines that are used in Rolls Royce cars are a major manufacturer.
  4. They do it pretty much like any other automated process. All the components are machined on fully automatic multi station machines. Most of the assembly is done by machines that fit the components together. I would have thought you would know that. But here's a video to show you as you clearly don't know much. ---------- Post added 15-08-2014 at 14:12 ---------- They do it pretty much like any other automated process. All the components are machined on fully automatic multi station machines. Most of the assembly is done by machines that fit the components together. I would have thought you would know that. But here's a video to show you as you clearly don't know much. Here's one of them machining a crankshaft. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81UjjSH2iFw
  5. I presume you have a point somewhere. Like I said. The chassis is built in Germany. The engine is built in Germany. The suspension is built in Germany. The gearbox is built in Germany. The whole rolling chassis is assembled in Germany. All using robots It is then shipped to the UK factory along with boxes of BMW parts that were made in Germany. The UK factory then paints the thing largely using robots and a few craftsment trim it by hand, bolt on the outer panels and polish it. So what's that got to do with Sheffield manufacturing? Is the polish made in Sheffield?
  6. Germany..although it seems they even have them in the paint shop in Goodwood. http://www.drivecult.com/features/inside-the-rolls-royce-factory-where-technology-meets-tradition A typical Rolls Royce build starts when the bodies and panels arrive at the Goodwood factory from a plant in Bavaria. The first step is the paint shop, where each aluminium body gets a hand-sprayed coat of primer to ensure it reaches and protects all the places an automated spray robot can't reach. Then the colour is mixed. This may be a standard Rolls Royce colour, or a specific shade matched from fabric, a watch, a piece of jewellery, or even a family pet. The colour coat is then sprayed by robot to ensure an absolutely consistent and even coating. Two top clear coats are then applied, before the body is polished for four hours to ensure a deep, lustrous shine.
  7. That's pretty funny. Your first link seems to think Rolls Royce and Bentley are the same company and manufacture cars in Crewe. :hihi::hihi: The Rolls royce bodies are built in Germany as are the engines and gear boxes. The cars are shipped to the UK to be trimmed and painted. If you think polishing a car is manufacturing then there's a guy outside manufacturing a Ford as we speak.
  8. Ha ha... You probably need to check your facts. Volkswagen bought the Rolls Royce Crewe factory along with the Bentley name. They manufacture Bentleys in it. The Bentleys have Volkswagen engines manufactured in Germany by robots. Rolls Royce cars are manufactured by BMW in a new factory they built at Goodwood in Sussex. The engines are made by robots in germany. The bodies are made by robots in Germany. The cars are brought to Goodwood to be trimmed and painted. Rolls Royce in Derby don't make cars. They manufacture aero engines undoubtably using robots.
  9. But if you were going to start a high tech business why would you start it here? As a motor racing fan I've visited England's silicon valley. Around Oxford the majority of the worlds F1 cars are made.They also make virtually all the cars that race at Indy. There are specialists in carbon fibre, high tech electronics etc etc. If I were setting up a high tech business that's where I'd be. Sheffield's always had a reputation for militancy in the work place. That's probably why in 120 years of motor vehicle manufacture no one set up a serious attempt to manufacture cars in Sheffield. Or motor bikes. Indeed for a city based on steel I don't even think they even manufactured railway engines here. ---------- Post added 15-08-2014 at 10:40 ---------- Dream on....Rolls Royce engines are built by BMW in Germany by robot. I went to the Williams factory a few years back. Virtually every metal component is made by an NC machine. Once a component has been made they just push a button and the machine knocks out spares as and when required.
  10. If a guy can sit in a room in the USA and fly a drone aircraft to Afghanistan launch a few rockets at the Taliban and fly it back and land it the technonology to fly a plane from London to New York clearly exists. They could probably even serve gin & tonics to the passengers in flight.
  11. So what you are saying is an American Company who happens to have a factory in the UK has got a big order to supply another American company over a number of years. It sounds like one factory in America will be supplying another factory in America with a lot of stuff from their subsidiary in China.
  12. There's new photo on web. It doesn't look like much has changed.
  13. I was at Kelam Island yesterday. Big sign up saying no smoking including e-cigs.
  14. By the sound of it they aren't short of vehicles for bringing the stuff in. I just looked at this website and there seems to be plenty of vehicles around. Just to be clear. Several tons of festering filth doesn't arrive by chance. Someone put it there and it isn't for the sake of one vehicle that it arrived and remains there..
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