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  1. the lib dems have stabbed everybody in the back once don't trust them
  2. Thanks for all that been told by a neighbour who was a business manager that the one thing that would make him sit up was a small claims court. It only costs £25 and would decide if the company should have made me aware of the non payment before signing up.
  3. just a word for any pensioners out there to be careful when using price comparison sites i changed suppliers in the spring this year and it's cost me £140. When i got my letter for the Government energy discount last week i was informed that some energy suppliers were not participating in the scheme, and it looks as if they dont need to tell you before you sign up .
  4. by mistake my wife took a few photos on our camera in 3d anyone know if it is possible to convert them to a normal 1 d
  5. yes thats the one i used to read in the 60s dont think its available now checked back numbers they are expensive.
  6. yes are they both still working in any form, and more important how are they
  7. it also does not work on some i pads, my mates wife has one i gave him my user name and password and it would not download because it is rooted whatever that means
  8. ok thanks for that suppose i will have to buy another thing i don't understand or play my governor of poker on Saturday while Britain's lack of talent is on in the front room. thanks again
  9. i have sky sports with talk talk so no password for sky, did a bit of searching yesterday and i need something called play store app. looked for it but it was sending me in circles perhaps i'm too old to understand some of the technical terms.
  10. i have a box talk talk broadband and tv with sky sports
  11. Has anyone downloaded the app to watch sport from talk talk on a laptop they told me to download the app from google for this but when i try i get the message you don't have any devices. do i need to buy something?
  12. you don't say how old you are if over 50 some good sheltered accommodation is available in Sheffield. Secured buildings with cheapish rent and if you live in one withe 30 or more flats it's £7-50 a year for your tv licence also a good deal the council have made for heating only 4 pence a therm ours is £2 a week in winter and nowt in summer.
  13. tried Norrie, Waite and Slater they don't do it now but recommended one i had tried earlier, being getting info from embassy in london and i don't need a notary if i take it to the embassy. As national express are doing london at 12 quid return that looks the best option.
  14. thanks looked at his site he only takes calls while 1 o'clock i'm away while Thursday i'll try then
  15. Does anybody know a notary solicitor who charges a reasonable amount for a signature on a visa extension i got one for £10 from Taylor Emmett a few years ago but they don't have a notary now. I know these people are well qualified and deserve good money but i phoned 4 different places and got quotes of between £90 and £120 for what after all is a signature and 5 minutes work.
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