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  1. yes it would be great but he wants to keep the same pram as it is the first one he has started with hes been called worse than a fruitcake lol
  2. To all sheffielders John burkhill the mad man with the pram needs your help The pram he has got needs some wheels as they are on their last legs The pram is a silver cross pram if you have one and dont use it pleaes can you get back to me please Or if you any wheels that you do not use the can not be big wheels just medium size PLEASE HELP Thank you His Son Stuart :D:D:D:D
  3. I would recomend DJ Danny. He is really good dj he get everyone up has brilliant lights brilliant speckers. He also has a laugh on mic has brilliant music also pat tested crb and pli. Tel: 07901653886 or 07901502794 dont worry he said i can send out his number
  4. I think is was that DJ Danny cos when he did it he had like a board tellin was stuff he dose and things he was really good. But a lot of old people go in there and i dont thik he was enjoyin it cos they were all miserble. Anyway if that was you DJ Danny i hav you details we need a dj for a party and we like you so get back to me please
  5. could do with a new one this one is crap now still liked the other one but
  6. I Recommend DJ Danny he did my sons 18th and my wifes 50th he was really good playing all music for old to present. 07901653886
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